December 9, 2018

This group from Nebraska that, no matter how well-meaning, is intentionally using the Church of Satan’s foundational beliefs to further their own objectives while simultaneously directing hatred and possible reprisal toward the very group whose beliefs they are appropriating. Read more

December 3, 2018

Efforts from two Satanic organizations seek to extend the now yearly trend of Satanic displays in government free speech zones that are annually established for religious and holiday displays. Read more

November 27, 2018

For the third consecutive year, damage and/or vandalism has befallen a Satanic organization’s attempt at community participation. Read more

November 26, 2018

If we are to accept that religion serves any purpose in society it is that it provides comfort and help to the afflicted in ways that secular society either cannot or has not. This purpose is simply and completely betrayed by a belief that an embryo or fetus is the same thing as a baby. Read more

November 21, 2018

The Satanic Temple is pleased to announce that the lawsuit it recently filed against Warner Bros. and Netflix has been amicably settled. Read more

November 12, 2018

I think Stan Lee taught us that stories are just that, stories. Stories are powerful things, they teach you about morality not by rote memorization of rules, but by illustrating how our actions affect each other, and that sometimes the rules are wrong. Read more

November 2, 2018

The Satanic Temple’s claim that the series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina unlawfully used a depiction of TST’s Baphomet monument as a symbol for the show’s devil-worshiping, cannibalistic, witches. This has lead to conversations among Satanists and non-Satanists alike over copyright, fair use, and legal claims. Read more

November 1, 2018

  Undoubtedly, one of the most pernicious of derangements to corrupt the humanity of the biblical fundamentalist’s mind is the dogmatic belief that an impending worldwide war, the Apocalypse — from which only the True Believer is to be spared destruction followed by eternal anguish, despite whatever other noble qualities those of the “wrong” religious persuasion might possess — is something to be happily anticipated as “The Good News.” It is this cruel superstition that causes some evangelicals to merely… Read more

October 30, 2018

  Not infrequently I find myself the recipient of the armchair scholar’s denunciations regarding the “inappropriate” use of religious imagery. Their quarrel is not with the open display of blasphemy, but with what they see as incoherent, rather than offensive, usage that fails to recognize a symbol’s true meaning. The inverted cross, particularly, exasperates the amateur etymologist when utilized to represent a Satanic subversion of superstitious theocratic impositions. In fact, the inverted cross, St. Peter’s Cross (or the Petrine Cross),… Read more

October 25, 2018

There’s a subtle trend in lots of smaller towns throughout America to shift the date of Halloween festivities (parties, trick or treating, etc.) to the weekend. I don’t care for it. Read more

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