2 New Satanic Educational Videos

2 New Satanic Educational Videos October 26, 2017

Along with news of The Satanic Temple’s continuing Billboard Campaign for the Protect Children Project. Several new videos dropped this week that do excellent deep dives into Satanism and other religious thought.

Image Credit: The Satanic Temple

Religious Education Series: The Ones Who Dwell Within

From Utah, the TST-sponsored Religious Education Series (this would be part 4 of ?, and the back catalog is well worth a watch), gave a talk called “The Ones Who Dwell Within”. It’s an interesting look into western perception of the concept of demonic possession and how notions of superstition as un-enlightened are used to other cultures, while ignored in our own.

It’s a wide ranging talk with a lot of data behind it. I particularly like the parts where speaker Megan Kennedy compares statistics on assorted woo beliefs (astrology, spiritism, etc) with reports of America’s declining religiosity. I think that’s an important point because the Atheists/Skeptic communities often laud the growth of “nones” as an increase in their movements, when the reality seems to be that while people are leaving organized religion they aren’t necessarily leaving it to become non-religious.

For more information on this series you can check out their YouTube channel.

Satan at the Crossroads 1 of 3, via The Satanic Temple-Dallas

This promises to be an interesting 3-part talk giving a deep dive into the roots of early Satanic thought and how the character came to be seen as a liberator. In Part 1: Temptation vs. Testing, speaker S.N. Self (whose C.V. on biblical studies is super impressive) gives a great talk about the linguistic origins of the name Satan, how the demonization of changing cultural mores contributed to defining modern Satanic thought on permissiveness and assumption of authority.

I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of this series. You can follow it yourself at the TST-Dallas YouTube channel.

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