Into the Wild Expanse, Part 3

Into the Wild Expanse, Part 3 March 26, 2018

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Audio from the Inside

I’m listening to audio one of TST’s collaborators who infiltrated the ISSTD conference recorded at one of the  presentations. A therapist named Eileen Aveni, who claims to have 30 years experience, spoke at the ISSTD conference to discuss treatments for Dissociative Identity Disorder in alleged ritual abuse survivors.

“Basically you’re working yourself up the system hierarchy by treating all parts with kindness. You establish report with the internal leaders who are usually initially identified with the perpetrating group you show these leaders and those continuing contact with the perpetrators how they were deceived. That’s obviously a part of what you have to do. Learn about who does what function and work with them … You can’t push for disclosure or memories because this will provoke parts to do their jobs of destabilization and reporting back to abusers. You have to delay memory work until physical safety and cooperation with the internal leaders are established. If you want for complete stability you’ll get nowhere.”

She goes on to discuss ‘complex internal systems’ and about a ‘control room’ that runs internal systems. It all sounds very clinical. But it dramatically glosses over what is actually being said here. She then goes on to say that these control rooms often have “children that are interjects of the perpetrators who are taught to run the entire system, who are basically copies of the perpetrator”.

What she’s saying is that all over the country secret cabals of child abusers are cultivating multiple personalities in their own children to … somehow program them to do something, and whatever that thing is the only thing anyone knows for sure is that it is happening and it is bad. They never really discuss what the master plan of these alleged cults are, but they are certain that such a plan exists because why else would anyone take the time and energy to brainwash their own children and turn them into little Manchurian candidates?

“The types of cult groups and programmers that are out there,”Aveni continues “from generational Satanism, which isn’t always the case with generational Satanism but for a lot of it. Monarch programming, which includes tech and government organized groups, technology based mind control which includes military [sic], fourth reich programming, death and domination cults which includes witchcraft etc which is based on ancient deities, others, and there are overlaps on many or all of the above.”

Ah, there it is.Eileen Aveni’s reason for explaining all this is to instruct other therapists on how to treat patients allegedly suffering from the ramifications of being raised by brainwashing multi-generational nazi devil-worshipers who have secretly been running the government since at least the 1950s, control Silicon Valley, and force their own children to perform black magic rituals. Ok then.

“Some of you may know a spy who has been part of the Illuminati. She talks about the Illuminati but she also talks about other groups. She, I’m quoting here ‘the amount of spiritual programming in a person’s systems will vary from person to person and depends on the individual group, their religious heritage, the leader’s beliefs, and the trainers in the groups. All children go to rituals where they are dedicated before birth as well as the intervals throughout their life. In these rituals demonic entities are invoked to coerce the person into servanthood, loyalty and secrecy as well as reinforce the programming being done … trainers will invoke demonic layering during programming sessions. This is done after acute trauma’.”

Notice that Aveni does not say ‘alleges to have been part of the Illuminati’, or ‘claims to be’. No, she says that this woman (who goes by Svali and if her about the author section of her book is to be believed she is a diabetes councilor in Texas) is completely credible as a former Illuminati brainwasher. All of this is occurring at a conference where licensed therapists are attending to receive continuing education credits so they can maintain their licensure.

That is what happens inside the ISSTD.

The Satanic Temple Protest

Yesterday I was posted up in the mezzanine of the Palmer House hotel where this conference is taking place so I could have a birds eye view of Lucien Greaves trying to engage with conference attendees as part of The Satanic Temple’s Grey Faction protest of this conference. The plan was for Lucien to head down in and engage with people from the conference. The hope was that would act as a distraction and draw people to him to prevent people from getting in the way of the protest actors so they could form a procession through the hotel before the protest outside.

Security was well aware of what was going to be happening and began looming around TST members almost immediately. The procession was stopped as they were getting off the elevator and forced straight outside instead of being allowed to walk through the building. The protest itself was very engaging though. Part guerrilla theater, part information campaign, part call to action.

Earlier in the hotel room that TST used as a staging area the group made their last run throughs, detailing where cameras will be, where the documentary crew needs to stand, when the performers will come down. This whole thing was very planned out.

“… and when is the pig getting here,” said Lucien “Someone requested that I point to the pig and say ‘he’s a better doctor than you lot’.”

The pig’s name is Clarence, and he’s the closest thing Chicago’s chapter has to a mascot. Nice pig.

From the TST Press release:

Protesters symbolically demonstrated the dysfunctional and harmful relationship between ISSTD therapists and their patients. The mission of the demonstration is to expose the ISSTD organization and instigators of pseudoscientific practices that have been directly connected to the harm of their patients. Today’s protest action is intended to draw awareness to the issues surrounding pseudoscience Recovered Memory Therapy, Dissociative Identity Disorder, and the hazards of an insular therapeutic community self-policing against harmful practices against their own economic interests …

Chicago has a unique connection to pseudoscientific mental healthcare leading to abuse. Bennett Braun, head of the Dissociative Disorders Unit at Rush Hospital was one of the founders of the ISSTD. Under his treatment, patients came to believe they were ritualistically abused by Satanists with Illuminati bloodlines. His license was suspended for 18 months related to a lawsuit by former patient Patty Burgus. She alleged his prompting and implanting false memories tore apart her family. 

It’s fun too think about people at the conference who expect these protests to happen. The security dude posted in the lobby was feet from Penny, the documentary director who as been following Lucien around for well over a year and a half at this point, probably longer. I first met her in Los Angeles at TST-LAs ritual event last January. It really gives this gig a sense of old school journalism to have what are essentially separate media crews doing that magical dance of ‘we’ll share resources and information but don’t step on my exclusive content. Thanks friend and I’ll see you at the bar when this mess is over’. TST has an infrastructure of press that follows it around now and you come away from these events with a pile of audio, video, and notes that need to be sorted through and put into a story. It’s a time intensive process, which makes the Grey Faction coverage unique because what this conference is peddling is both bad science and complicated. The labyrinthian network of speakers and ‘experts’ are a very closed group that are constantly citing each other.

Their claims manage to persist because it’s one of those stories that has just enough elements of truth to hook some people in. Yes, abuse happens, trauma happens, those events can have huge ramifications on the lives of victims. These are undisputed facts. But their assertion that the trauma their patients are claiming to have experienced was done intentionally by a world-domination cult that has infiltrated seats of power worldwide, should properly be viewed as a insult to patients, the entire therapy industry, and everyone who cares about the truth.

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