New Lucien Greaves Grey Faction Talks

New Lucien Greaves Grey Faction Talks May 5, 2018

Here at the blog we’ve covered The Satanic Temple’s Grey Faction campaign against Satanic Ritual Abuse conspiracy theories fairly heavily already with my coverage of March’s ISSTD conference and Grey Faction’s associated protest. This isn’t a simple issue and there’s a lot of information to cover though. This week a new video of Lucien Greaves expands on why Grey Faction does what it does by exploring more about the history of the Satanic Panic and a few of the key personalities that were instrumental in setting off that witch hunt which continues to influence fringe psychology and conspiracy theories.

Lucien Greaves at CFI April 6, 2018. Image Credit: Screenshot via CFI Youtube

Center For Inquiry Talk

The Center for Inquiry has been a fairly robust supporter of Grey Faction. In their private collection they have entire shelves of books and newspaper clippings dedicated to the Satanic Panic and I understand they’ve been very helpful in Grey Faction’s research efforts. Last month they invited Lucien Greaves to give a talk at CFI Headquarters to discuss dissociative identity disorders, repressed memories, the McMartin Preschool trial, Ted Gunderson, Neil Brick, and how the satanic panic was another instance of dangerous, sanctioned pseudoscience, and how discredited mental health therapies are still practiced today.

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