The Satanic Temple and YWCA Settle Donation Dispute Like Adults

The Satanic Temple and YWCA Settle Donation Dispute Like Adults May 23, 2018

Hooray for some good news!

Last week The Satanic Temple-Arizona Chapter (TST-AZ) and the YWCA of Southern Arizona were on the brink of dissolving their relationship over complaints the YWCA received about working with a Satanic organization. In a fantastically classy move YWCA reached out to resolve the problem, hear TST-AZ’s side of the story, and help build a path forward so the two organizations can work together on shared goals more in the future.

TST-AZ and YWCA Will Continue to Collaborate

Members of TST-AZ with donated products for the Menstruatin’ with Satan Campaign in 2017

In a joint statement released by YWCA both groups regretted the confluence of influences that lead to the dust-up, which temporarily left donations collected by TST-AZ without a place to go:

Misinformation regarding YWCA’s willingness to accept donations from TST-AZ recently hit social media pages and national website, Michelle Shortt, Chapter Head of TST-AZ says, “There was a miscommunication between TST-AZ and YWCA of Southern Arizona. YWCA leadership was prompt in correcting the misinformation and have assured us that the prior dissolution of our partnership with the YWCA was conveyed to us without their approval. We look forward to continuing to support YWCA’s Project Period and women in our community.” Both organizations are taking measures to rectify the false information shared.”

It’s nice when things work out and groups can come together and talk things out like grown-ups for a change isn’t it?

YWCA of Southern Arizona’s interim CEO Liz Rabago also stated in the release:

“YWCA Southern Arizona will continue receive donations of menstrual products from TST-AZ for our Project Period drive … Our primary concern and focus remains with the women and families we help every day.”

Plurality in Action

This is a happy example of what can happen when groups are able to discuss their disagreements and miscommunications by staying focused on their commitment to the work that they do instead of finger-pointing for what was, in all honesty, just a mistake. Admittedly, it was a mistake with big potential implications so we here at For Infernal Use Only and our cohorts over at Friendly Atheist were quick to jump on it, but all the information we had suggested no other course for us muckrakers. I’m thrilled the groups were able to sort out the problems in their communication chains and that TST-AZ will be able to continue supporting YWCA in the future.

Full text of the release is available below:

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  • Peter Damian

    Well at least Satanists are not begging me for money or knocking on my door at 7 am on Saturdays to spread the good news about their Lawd and Sabior.

  • In fact, instead of that we’re doing things like highway and beach clean-ups because we like to do things that have a point.

  • Jennny

    Yup, I’m in the UK but know, for example, several teachers working in poor areas who for years have been routinely and discreetly buying and handing out sanitary products to some of their girl students, and clothes and food too sometimes. When I said something similar on another blog, and that folk like this were just being humanitarian, a deluded fundy (is there any other sort?) said I was wrong, they were being motivated by god but didn’t recognise it and should do so asap.

  • Anri

    Well, it might be argued that TST is being motivated by self-proclaimed followers of god… just maybe not in the way those followers would like to believe.

  • They can’t accept Satanists doing good things, so they twist their god into some weird trickster that’s trying to fool us into doing good things by pretending he doesn’t exist? Sounds unnecessarily complicated.

  • Charlotte N/A

    No, they just invade therapy conferences and film people without consent, in order to libel them on the internet.

  • Peter Damian

    boo hoo hoo. Christians don’t like it when what they do is done by others huh? sort of like when the Christian group went into Planned Parenthoods and filmed people without consent in order to lie their asses off and libel them on the internet huh?

  • Charlotte N/A

    Exactly. Except these are real-life cult survivors, getting libelled by Satanists.

  • Peter Damian

    LMFAO boo hoo hoo. Christians are cultist too.

  • Peter Damian

    Oh and Christians libel athests, lgbt’s, Pagans and others on a daily basis.

  • Charlotte N/A

    That they do. One shouldn’t need to resort to libel if one’s position is grounded in scientific fact, now, should one?

  • Charlotte N/A

    And we should be supporting the victims of ALL abusive cults, now, shouldn’t we? Not libelling them on the internet.