Satanic Bay Area Sending Curse Letter For Charity

Satanic Bay Area Sending Curse Letter For Charity October 19, 2018

A new GoFundMe Campaign by Satanic Bay Area (SBA, formerly Satanic San Francisco, most prominently known for its group’s podcast Black Mass Appeal) is aimed at raising money for Planned Parenthood by sending letters to Senators. (Not that Planned Parenthood asked them; SBA is just showing a little initiative and raising money for an unrelated organization because they want to.)

“Satanic Bay Area will be sending out a letter that we have written with an embedded curse to the Senate Members via fax. For each $1 donated we will send 1 faxed letter to the Senate on Halloween.”

Wait a second, what’s this about an embedded curse?

I know some of the folks over at SBA, and they mostly don’t believe in supernaturalism. That’s not what this ‘curse’ is about in any real sense; so keep your atheist fighting trousers off for a minute and understand they’re just mixing artistic intent with political speech a bit. No different than when atheists take hairdryers to each other for unbaptisms at conferences.

It’s an interesting way for one of the group’s members to deal with their frustration over the Kavanaugh nomination. Artistically, I appreciate the point they’re trying to make. We live in a country where speech is protected, but the volume (or power) of that speech is contingent on how much time and money is spent promoting it. So if prayer=speech and money=speech … then I guess prayer=money.

So basically, one dollar donated to the campaign equals one letter sent to a Senate fax machine. Not exactly what one would traditionally call a prayer, but probably more efficacious because at least I can prove that senators exist. If nothing else, senate interns and staff have to deal with those faxes and it definitely goes a long way towards demonstrating political displeasure if their machine is tied up all day printing the same message at the behest of citizens. Complicating a Senator’s staff’s day is not without it’s effects, so of course it’s more mundane than magic, but I say ‘why not?’

“On October 31, one copy of the letter—and the curses it bears—will go out to the office of a guilty senator for every $1 backers spend. Minus GoFundMe fees, 100 percent of the proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood.

You can’t usually buy much for a dollar these days. But now you can give our so-called leaders in Washington a piece of your mind and make a down payment on better, safer healthcare—all in one go.”

SBA will be running the fundraising through 10am Halloween and then start faxing, so if you’d like to support the effort head over to their GoFundMe Campaign and offer up your dollar as a sacrifice to the curse. They’ll be your demon and do the rest.

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