Rapert Distracts From Anti-Abortion Bill with Metal Band Flyer

Rapert Distracts From Anti-Abortion Bill with Metal Band Flyer February 6, 2019

Arkansas State Senator Stanley “Jason” Rapert (R-Conway) Is back in the news again. This time for calling to boycott a Little Rock venue called Vino’s because their event listing for a band night futures a badly photoshopped image of him eating a baby.

This is a Distraction, Funny …. But a Distraction

By my count of this morning’s google news results show several articles regarding Rapert’s outrage over the flyer. In contrast, there has only been one article on Rapert’s proposed legislation SB149 in the last month, which was before the Arkansas Senate Public Health Committee today for evaluation before the bill goes to the floor. The kerfuffle also overshadows new filings this week in the pending lawsuit by American Atheists against the representative for alleged misuse of his social media accounts in an official capacity.

SB149 was approved by the Health Committee on Wednesday and will now head to the Arkansas State Senate floor for a vote.

Let’s Focus on Rapert’s SB149, Because It’s Terrible

Image Credit: Friendly Atheist

The bill, which Rapert is calling The Arkansas Human Life Protection Act would, upon Roe v. Wade being overturned by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), immediately outlaw abortion in Arkansas except in the event of a medical emergency.

With a frankly stunning bit of gall, the bill outlines Rapert’s opposition to the SCOTUS decisions that enshrined access to abortion procedures as a right by trying to conflate abortion with slavery and racism. Also, in a contorted bit of reasoning (which is fairly common for Stanley) he attempts to claim that because SCOTUS has overturned decisions based on new evidence, that his misunderstanding of science means that they should overturn Roe as well.

From the bill:

[(a) The General Assembly finds that](12) The State of Arkansas urgently pleads with the United States Supreme Court to do the right thing, as they did in one of their greatest cases, Brown v. Board of Education, which overturned a fifty-eight year-old precedent of the United States, and reverse, cancel, overturn, and annul Roe v. Wade, Doe v. Bolton, and Planned Parenthood v. Casey. 

(b) It is the intent of this subchapter to ensure that abortion in Arkansas is abolished and protect the lives of unborn children.

If passed, and if conservatives succeed in their attempts to do away with federal abortion protections in the courts, the resulting legislation would subject anyone who performs or attempts to perform an abortion to a felony conviction and a sentence of fines up to $100,000 and up to 10 years in prison.

Trigger Bills Are All the Rage These Days

It seems that with the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the SCOTUS conservatives are dead serious about mounting a sustained a multi-pronged assault on Roe and the reproductive freedom of citizens. Other states like Kentucky, Tennessee, Utah, and Iowa have all proposed similar legislation or so-called “heartbeat bills” to try and force the issue before the high court. This, of course, is in stark contrast to the rest of the civilized world, where abortion bans are being overturned and women’s right to make their own reproductive health decisions are being expanded.

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  • Cozmo the Magician

    As been stated over and over again, but needs repeating , this is NOT about ‘health’ it sure as fuck aint about the ‘buybull’, it has nothing to do with morals, or medicine. This is about CONTROL pure and simple. These old white pricks just can’t deal with the fact that people are finding them less relevant. So they MUST MUST MUST use shit like this to keep their power. OMG if you don’t for US then evil baby murdering muslim atheists will force you to get gay married to your toaster. THEY can say shit like this but how DARE somebody MOCK his bigoted idiot ass.

  • WallofSleep

    The shocker for me here was learning that EyeHateGod is still around.

  • I think you might have them confused, with “I H8 GOD”, although “Satan’s Invocation” starts up, you’ll KNOW if you remember thern.

  • WallofSleep

    No confusion here. My roommate/friend back then (a musician, btw) was friends with either someone in the band or someone connected to the band, I forget exactly which. Anyway, I first heard about EyeHateGod back in the early 90’s, ~25 years ago.

  • I thought you were kidding. Silly me, but I beg your indulgence; what we are asked to believe, by the current PouterUS on any given day, well, ’nuff said. I will look them up.

    I can’t remember the name of the band but there was an cassette tape in the “cut outs” bin at a store I used to shop in that had the album title, “Pissing Razor Blades”. I assume that they did not release a second album.

  • WallofSleep

    That reminds me: years ago I was taking an art class that focused on the airbrush, and I had a difficult time perfecting the technique for painting clouds. My instructor said “Just make you hand shake like a dog shitting razor blades.”

    Brilliant advice, because after I was done laughing my ass of I was able to grasp the technique.

  • Catherine Spencer-Mills

    Worth repeating – if men could get pregnant, abortion on demand at any stage of pregnancy would be legal with no restrictions such as age or ultrasounds or familial permissions or anything. The Fresco by Sherri S Tepper has a hilarious version of this. An alien race uses (pro-life only) men to gestate their embryos who eat their way out of the host. They are sort of sentient wasps, you see. I thought the concept was hysterically funny. Give it a read.

  • kerryberger

    Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert is a hateful, vindictive and obnoxious ass. He denigrates Liberals and those who disagree with him and his and his lack of being able to conduct himself in a civil and stable matter is well known by those who have had contact with him. We Arkansan’s joke that he is a Trump-wannabe or Mini-Trump. My biggest concern with Rapert is his complete ignorance of the US Constitution, the First Amendment and how religious liberty is legally defined, not how the Religious-Right promotes it as the basis to discriminate against anyone who disagrees with this narrow minded Bigoted excuse of a man. Rapert is one of many Arkansas State Senators who ignore that their positions make Arkansas look like a bunch of uneducated Rednecks. We are looked down at by people in other States and when articles like this one make it to international news it makes All Americans look foolish and oust of touch with reality. One of the reasons Arkansas is still a flyover State where few foreign businesses would want to invest in corporations here is frankly the level of ignorance as exemplified by bigoted politicians like Jason Rapert.