Satanic Self-Care in the Age of Trump: A Note of Concern (Guest Post)

Satanic Self-Care in the Age of Trump: A Note of Concern (Guest Post) May 20, 2019

Ed note: the following a guest submission by Harry Hoofcloppen, (Satanist, Colorado) on the subject of self-care and avoiding burnout. -Jack

Sometimes you need a nice hot bath. Image Credit: Cartoon Network, Screenshot via YouTube

In these tumultuous times, Trump has declared a war on immigrant humans. The Christian Right continues its war on LGBT humans. The GOP has stepped up its war on female humans. There’s plenty for the activist Satanist to be angry about. My Facebook feed is a continuous scroll of alarm, dismay, anger, fear, angst, and grief. But to let those feelings overwhelm you is to sacrifice your health to their causes; stress can literally kill you.

True, we need dedication, drive, and focused purpose. Without them, we lose our impetus to act. But if you let those feelings consume you instead of simply galvanizing your resolve, chronic stress can cause health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.[1]

Elevated cortisol levels (the stress hormone) can damage your learning and memory, and lower your immune function. Stress can cause anxiety and depression, and it can increase your risk of drug or alcohol misuse.[2]

As we start to find our feet in the fight against these rising threats to liberty, be aware of the negative impact on your health that comes with letting the negative emotions consume you. It can reduce the quality of your life and it can shorten your life as well.

Tips to reduce your stress[3]:

  • Accept that some things are beyond your control: Aside from spreading awareness, there’s nothing you can directly do once, say, the Supreme Court is mulling a case. They don’t respond to petitions and opinions like representatives do. Other such situations exist where we spend unrealistic energy and angst on things that we need to let go, and marshal our reserves for something else, something we can be effective at.
  • Exercise regularly and eat well: It’s too easy to skip these when we’re busy or upset. Remember to get out for some exercise and eat a balanced meal.
  • Keep a positive attitude: You got this. We got this. Together, we will rise to the challenges and bring the fight. We can share our voices and actions and be proud of our effort without letting the anger consume us. If you have an altar, use it. If you meditate, do it. If you have hobbies, indulge them. The struggle for justice is ongoing; it will never end. That’s so eternally true that it’s our number two tenet. So chin-up… you’re advancing the causes of
    human equality and liberty!
  • Don’t skip the fun chapter stuff: Social support and doing fun things together help to cement our interpersonal relationships when we’re working on a cause.
  • If you feel overwhelmed, reach out: Seek treatment with a therapist or psychiatrist if you are overwhelmed by stress or you feel at risk for self-harm. If you’re in a dark place, 911 is your friend. After all, you’re fighting to help society, and it’s there to help you right back.

These times test us like never before as the Right doubles down with its attacks on personal liberties and equality from every angle. To stay in the fight, you need to take care of yourself and stay a happy, healthy Satanist. A happy Satanist is an effective Satanist!

Hail Satan/Ave Satanas!


[1] NPR News

[2] Mayo Clinic

[3] Web MD

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  • Jim Jones

    > The GOP has stepped up its war on female humans.
    Women must run.
    Women must vote.

  • WallofSleep

    Not a satanist myself, but that’s great advice for anyone, and I support and admire the work TST is doing to combat church/state violations. Go Team Satan!

    I like to stay informed of current events, so I scan a lot of news sources on a daily basis, but as we all know “If it bleeds, it leads” and over time this can cause what I call “headline burnout”. Every now and then I just have to say “fuck the t.v., the internet, newspapers, etc.” and spend a few days playing cathartic video games in my spare time. That’s my “hobby”.

  • alex owl

    As a person with a masters degree in Psychology with all of my PhD coursework done (yes I pooped out before my thesis), I gotta say this article is a bunch of superficial advice based on outdated concepts that have wormed their way into public consciousness but are nonetheless, overly simplified and very flawed.

    Of course I’m mainly talking about the claim that “stress kills you.” No, it actually does not. What kills you is stressing about stress, which is kind of what this article is causing readers to do, ironically. This is what the newest research actually shows.
    On another level, this article reads like you are invalidating people’s emotions, which is never a good idea. So-called “negative” emotions can give us strength, just like stress can. What matters is what we do with them.

    I would highly recommend this Ted Talk from respected Social Psychologist Kelly McGonigal of Stanford. She has made this topic her life’s work. In her talk, she summarizes her research including the studies she has done with very hefty sample sizes.

  • alex owl

    Also, empathy is the chief cause of burnout. Not stress.

  • Ohyetwetrust

    what are you doing?

  • Jim Jones


  • Ohyetwetrust

    What are you yourself doing to ensure women run and get to vote?
    More to the point, what are men, in your experience, doing to support women to overcome voter suppression?
    Just instructing women to run and vote is the easy work and does nothing.

  • Jim Jones

    Not a problem in my country. What are you doing about it?

  • Vex Tenebris

    Can a hovering vermicelli miscreation from the infernal regions post on Disqus? Let’s see!