The Satanic Temple-Arizona Documentary Q and A

The Satanic Temple-Arizona Documentary Q and A May 31, 2019

At a recent presentation of Hail Satan? The Satanic Temple-Arizona (TST-AZ) did a post-screening question and answer period featuring several members of the chapter’s council along with former National Council-member William Morrison. The session was recorded and is now available on YouTube via The Horror Show Vlog.

Full disclosure, I’m a part of that council and all of these people are my friends. That being the case I’m going to spare everyone any editorializing and let the video speak for itself.

“Hail Satan?” Post-Screening Q & A with The Satanic Temple – The Horror Show

On a side note for regular readers of the blog, things are going to be a little laid back and ‘popcorn content’ for a little while. I recently became a father and blogging doesn’t come with paternity leave. So, for at least the next few weeks (not including guest posts or posts from Lucien) I’m going to be keeping it pretty light so as to spend time getting to know this brand new human that I’m in charge of teaching to become a productive member of society for the next few decades.

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