Satanist’s Open Letter Reply to Trump’s Spiritual Adviser’s Comments Regarding Satanic Pregnancies

Satanist’s Open Letter Reply to Trump’s Spiritual Adviser’s Comments Regarding Satanic Pregnancies January 27, 2020

Pastor Paula White,

Advisor to the White House Faith & Opportunity Initiative

505 E. McCormick Rd.

Apopka, FL 32703

Via fax: (407) 814-4878

Dear Pastor White,

Greetings from The Satanic Temple (TST)! We were very pleased this weekend to learn that you had recently publicly prayed for God to induce miscarriages in Satanic pregnancies. At a time in which Satanists have had to fight desperately to retain their bodily autonomy in the face of increasingly restrictive anti-abortion laws, we are glad that your “logic” must necessarily lead you to support unrestricted abortion access for Satanists seeking to end unwanted pregnancies! I am writing to ask you to take a bolder step in the name of your faith, and lend your support to our Religious Reproductive Rights campaign which seeks to invoke religious exemptions from abortion restrictions on behalf of Satanists.

Consistent with our tenets, which call for bodily autonomy and acting in accordance with best scientific evidence, TST religiously objects to many of the restrictions that states have enacted that interfere with abortion access. TST is taking many steps on behalf of our members and those who share our beliefs to establish exemptions from laws that do not promote the health and safety of patients and violate our conscience and beliefs.

As you know, more than half of all abortions in the United States are sought by Christian women, while 38% are sought by the nonreligious, and only 8% are sought by women who belong to a non-Christian religion. So it is especially forward-thinking of you to single out Satanists as deserving of expressing the reproductive freedoms they champion. While the Satanic Temple is officially nontheistic, we do hold as one of our central tenets that, “One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone.” We are delighted to learn that you share that view.

We are impressed at your integrity in boldly supporting our reproductive rights, especially as many of your cohorts dishonestly equate abortion with “baby killing,” a notion completely at odds with science. It will not come as news to you that, according to the Centers for Disease Control, 91% of abortions in America are performed before the thirteenth week of pregnancy, when it is scientifically impossible for the fetus to experience conscious pain. By contrast, a newly-hatched chicken is far more conscious. There is more ethical quandary in a chicken sandwich than in a first-trimester abortion.

It was a true relief to all of us at The Satanic Temple to see you in particular defending our health care rights, as we know that you will put your substantial fortune where your mouth is. While exact figures are unknown, you are estimated to carry a net worth of roughly $5 million. The average abortion is roughly $500. Thus, ten of our members could exercise their Constitutional (and, as you see it, God-given) right to terminate their pregnancies for a mere $5,000, or roughly 0.1% of your estimated  net worth.

You may send a check directly to our headquarters:

The Satanic Temple Religious Reproductive Rights Campaign

64 Bridge Street

Salem, MA


Yours in justice and freedom,

Lucien Greaves

Co-founder and spokesperson,

The Satanic Temple

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  • Petit_Lutin

    who would’ve thought she’d have come up with such a great idea. two birds, one stone.

  • Slouchy

    See? Interfaith dialogue works.

  • Julie Ann Harmon

    And THIS is why I am a proud, card carrying member of the Satanic Temple!

  • PaulaDEEN


  • Kaja

    The last survey (Guttmacher 2014) I’ve seen on religious breakdown of women getting abortions by religion is as follows:

    38% of abortions no religious affiliation (“nones”) and in 2014, 36 % of Millennials were nones)
    17% of abortions mainline Christian (11% of Millennials were mainline Christian in 2014)
    24% of abortions Catholic (16% of Millennials were Catholic in 2014)
    13% of abortions Evangelical ( 19% of Millennials were Evangelical in 2014)
    about 10% of Millennials are “other Christian” and 8% of Millennials are non-Christian religion.

    2018 we had fewer than 700 000 abortions. Now let’s compare this to stats from the 1980’s when the Baby Boomers were in the prime
    “getting an abortion” age range:

    From 1980 until 1992, we had over 1.5 million abortions EACH YEAR and peaked with a hair over 1.6 million in 1990 (see Wm. Robert Johnston
    ‘Historical Abortion Statistics’) . Let that sink in… That’s more than double the 2018 number every year from 1980 till 1992 !! But there is more, during those years we had about 100 million fewer people for most of those years and 85%+ people identified as”Christian” (about 73% now) and 6-9% no religious affiliation (‘nones’) then (Gallup – ‘What is your religious preference?’). So who were the biggest abortionists ? Answer: Baby Boomers who now sit in the pews pointing the finger at everyone else. Keep in mind that the median age (half above and half below) now of a Christian in general is 49 years old. Median age of a white Evangelical is 55 years old so most ‘Christians’ are well out of the ‘need an abortion’ ages. Since the data suggests that, overall, Christians” of all types don’t do all that much better than non-Christians (Catholics actually do worse than all of the other groups) at staying away from the abortionist – especially considering median ages as most Christians now are out of the “need an abortion” ages. I would suggest that the churches start with cleaning their own house. Since, overall, Christians got 54% of abortions in 2014 (and I suspect that 54% is pretty much the same for 2019), we could halve the number of abortions to less than 350 000 if Christians would simply stop getting abortions

  • Ciphra Horam

    I’m so proud to be a part of such an amazing organization such as the Satanic Temple. I’ll always support Lucien and TST

  • Eli Ellis

    I love Lucien. That was *outstanding*.

  • Cozmo the Magician


  • Belle
  • Timothy Weston

    Very creative. Thank you!

  • Strange Quark

    boom. headshot

  • Judene Lovato

    Isn’t it wonderful to have the ability to speak out and exercise our freedom of thought and speech. I love being able to read articles and post articles that I agree with and disagree with.
    It’s even really cool that I can see feel talk think.

  • Judene Lovato

    There is a whole lot of illogic in this article

  • Wiktor Kobiałka

    Where is it exactly tho

  • Judene Lovato

    Hey guys, also more food for thought:
    REMEMBER that the God of the Old and New Testament created Satan. This beautiful angel was given a very high position his name was Lucifer. So . . .we by default believe in the SAME GOD.
    We also by default believe in the same Jesus The Christ. Because Satan tempted Jesus 3 times before He was crucified. And 3 times Jesus The Christ defeated Satan with the WORDS OF GOD.
    JESUS The Christ, ultimately Once and for all, defeated Satan his dominions and death when He shed His blood on the Cross died was buried resurrected and ascended into heaven(spiritual realm). All authority of demonic entities was broken and crushed at that time. The head was crushed=authority.
    You as Satanists or anyone else has every right to believe whatever you choose. It is not now or ever will be a threat to any Holy Spirit-filled, Christ covered believer . on the contrary all dialogue is welcome and encouraged. “‘Come let us reason together’, says The LORD”

  • oborune

    Hail Satan

  • Dennis Keane

    First show that your god exists, then show that it has the powers attributed to it in the Bible. Then you need to show that the Bible is an accurate accounting of history and god’s wishes – and then at that point we can discuss your post.

  • abb3w

    What do you mean by “illogic”? Are you referring to conclusions which do not appear to follow from prior presented premises, or to initial premises which you do not accept, or what?

  • abb3w

    My impression is that most Satanists believe that Satan and God are merely literary figures or archetypes, like Dumbledore and Voldemort from the Harry Potter series; and that the less common sort who believe in a literal (as opposed to literary) existence seem to also think that the Bible’s account is substantively inaccurate in its depiction of them. From either perspective, your claims would seem likely to tend nonpersuasive.

    Nohow, I’m not a Satanist myself.

  • Lauren Greene

    Funny. That’s what I think about your comments.

  • Lauren Greene

    It’s doubtful that he/she knows what they mean.

  • Anon CanbeAnon

    Maybe you’re only here because you were supposed to be the baby that saved the marriage

  • Lauren Greene

    Kewl. You couldn’t see, feel, talk, or think when you were a zygote and would not have known had you been aborted.

  • Artor

    You understand that Satanists don’t actually believe in Satan or your god, right? They do not participate in your nonsense except in a symbolic way.

  • Artor

    That was her choice. Or was it? Maybe she didn’t want you.

  • As am I. Seattle chapter.

  • You are wrong about Satanism and its beliefs. We are, for all intents and purposes, an atheist group. We named ourselves such for two reasons: 1) we like to troll religious people, and 2) we believe the character of Satan from folklore represents traits such as individuality, free-spiritedness, being true to oneself, freedom from cosmic dictators such as YHWH, etc. We also regularly advocate for things like social justice and separation of church and state.

  • Joseph Addison

    If “all dialogue is welcome and encouraged,” why do you engage in none? A number of people have responded to your various posts, yet you’ve replied to none.

    That’s not “dialogue.” That’s shitposting.

  • I don’t care much for the idea of theocracy, but I’d much rather live in a country based on the Seven Tenets of TST than the Ten Commandments.

  • Trolls gonna troll.

  • Ciphra Horam


  • She should have prayed sooner. I have been a Satanist for well over 40 years, and my wife and I have raised five children and 13 grandchildren. Not a single miscarriage in that time.

  • Uh, you do know it’s just make-believe, right?

  • But keep in mind that the tenets of The Satanic Temple are all non-supernatural. Satanists might be members, but being a member doesn’t make you a Satanist (that is, Satan worshipper or believer).

  • abb3w

    The issue comes down to there being multiple senses of “Satanists”. It would seem impolite to suggest in a comment on Lucien Greaves’s blog that he is not a “Satanist”, even if members of the Satanic Temple merely consider Satan an archetype rather than a more manifest entity to be believed in or worshiped.

    (And even if the Satan Temple has rather different precepts than LaVey.)

  • M. Reid

    Brilliant. Just brilliant. Y’all are like the ACLU, if it were run by Monty Python. Big kudos, folks.

  • Deacon Phreque

    You may be immune to satire, Judene.

  • john2000

    You are citing Bronze Age mythology as the basis for a “logical” argument. You might as well begin with the premise that Zeus created Dionysus, and then discuss the supposed implications that has for modern society.

  • Wresil777a

    Brilliantly written response

  • I wish my name was Fred

    I thought Satanists liked babies, you know for their sacrifices??

  • I talked to your mom. She told me that you’ve always been a problem child and that she secretly wishes that she’d terminated the pregnancy & focused more on her career.

  • Tia_Edwards

    I’m a Witch and I’ve never had one problem with Satanists, in fact I share some views. I have to say kudos to you Lucien for this letter. You had quite the excellent response.

  • Recalcitrant Recidivist

    In Paula Whites case I am very much in favor of abortion right up until the 387th trimester.

  • Jezebel’sOlderSister

    No, that’s Atheists. We can have some AWESOME Baby BBQs. 😉

  • Jezebel’sOlderSister

    Duly noted, reported and blocked.

  • Jezebel’sOlderSister

    You know, I’m pretty sure Paula White is “protected” from such open letters. Why don’t we all print a copy of this, add a personal note, and mail them to her address? That way maybe she’ll actually see it.

  • Who, me? Or Judene?

  • Jezebel’sOlderSister

    HAHA!! No, Judene! You’re cool!

  • And witches. You know, we put them in cauldrons.

  • Annerdr

    Can you join only one? Seems to me that neither would have an issue with the other.

  • David Heath

    There’s an assumption here that Paula can actually read… and if she can, that she can actually comprehend the words in the letter.

  • Flint8ball

    Wow. Bravo!

  • Rennyrij

    I’m waiting for the response – or lack thereof.

  • Robert Baden

    Mom, thanks for not killing me with abstinence. And my younger sister, who wasn’t planned like I was.

  • Robert Baden

    Which bible?
    Christianity is a Jewish heresy that added to the Torah.
    I gather Xtian views of Satan are quite different from Jewish views.

  • Fred Rickson

    It’s just not fair using intelligence against Trump and his cohorts. Not fair at all.

  • kenthefitter

    Well, I guess it would be like having linguine with shrimp, Fra Diavolo.

  • Dennis Keane

    I believe Satan in Jewish thought is meant more as a corrupting thought/influence – not an actual being. Interesting.

  • Anri

    I’m exceedingly late to this party, but…
    Why are you thanking your mother for a choice you don’t think she should have had in the first place?
    If you don’t think your mother capable of that kind of judgment call, stop thanking her for having made it.

  • DeadBabyJoke

    Prove it, you salad-tossing buttmunch69.

  • DeadBabyJoke

    Says the shiteating69 fuckwit69 who believes in a Magic Sky Wizard and worships a Jewish Zombie, who had to die in a complicated and convoluted suicide plot to save humanity from himself.

  • DingoJack

    From the Executive Summary of the report you cited:
    “Many abortion patients reported a religious affiliation—24% were Catholic, 17% were mainline Protestant, 13% were evangelical Protestant and 8% identified with some other religion. Thirty-eight percent of patients had no religious affiliation”.
    “Between April 2014 and June 2015, we collected information from 8,380 respondents obtaining abortions at 87 facilities. We used a four-page, self-administered questionnaire available in English and Spanish”.
    Hmmm… not a great design for getting accurate data.

  • DeadBabyJoke


  • DeadBabyJoke

    I caught Jizzsus eating out Satan’s shit69-encrusted asshole69!

  • StevoR

    See :

    Among other places. But yeah.

  • StevoR

    Part I coz well, this site .. Sigh.


    What a word salad. Not a very appetising one..

    REMEMBER that the God of the Old and New Testament created Satan.

    Some people think /claim this remember? Their supporting evidence is non-existent (No, because “the Bible sez so!” isn’t evidence. It is simply a restatement of the original unsupported assertion NOT actual tangible evidence) and their interpretations vary. Also, no need to SHOUT! (All caps =shouting.)

    This beautiful angel was given a very high position his name was Lucifer. So . . .we by default believe in the SAME GOD.

    Non-sequiteur – this logically literally does not follow. Your unsupported additional elaborations (Satan’s name is Lucifer & he was beautiful) on your original unsupported claim (God created Satan ) is your opening premise / proposition is NOt related to your asserted conclusion. (Thus
    we by default* believe in the same god)

    Reminder you are posting this on an athiest blog, most here – me included – don’t believe in any god or supernatural entities. Who exactly are you talking to here? By default? Those words do not mean what you seem to misunderstand them as meaning. There is no default religion.

  • StevoR

    Part II Continued :


    We also by default believe in the same Jesus The Christ.

    See above and again, merely stating something doesn’t make it true.

    Because Satan tempted Jesus 3 times before He was crucified.

    So, wait, connecting that with proper capitalisation and re-ordered for clarity are you then meaning to write :

    “Because Satan tempted Jesus 3 times before he was crucified we also by default believe in the same Jesus The Christ? Hmm .. Nope. “We also by default believe in the same Jesus the Christ because Satan tempted Jesus 3 times before he was crucified.” No, doesn’t make sense or have any logical connection either way round, just unsupported & unconnected assertions hammered together seemingly at random.

    And 3 times Jesus The Christ defeated Satan with the WORDS OF GOD.

    Again with the same and again with the shouting. English / Logic – Do you speak it?

    JESUS The Christ, ultimately Once and for all, ..

    Tautology. You’ve repeated yourself again needlessly.

  • StevoR

    Part III. Sigh, which word is this time?


    .. defeated Satan his dominions and death when He shed His blood on the Cross died was buried resurrected and ascended into heaven(spiritual realm)

    And now you’re making me repeat myself too because again, you’re string of non-sequiteurs just don’t follow or compute. You keep claiming things that are unsupported by any scientific evidence and make no sense.

    Its like saying Uk-Mi the Unicorn defeated Blo-De-Hill the Meannest Magic Clown in the Cosmos when he back fired out a rainbow with a GLOOOOORRIOUS neighing that woke up everyone in Fairytown! (Spiritual realm and fever dream.)

    Now I can say that and repeat it over and over if choose to but there’s absolutely no reason to consider that anything other than pure nonsense and fiction. Just like what you’ve asserted here Judene Lovato. And if a million other people or more also took my sentence there as gospel it still doesn’t make it true and the same applies to your religion and your words as well.

  • StevoR

    No? Not it? Part IV


    All authority of demonic entities was broken and crushed at that time. The head was crushed=authority.

    Authority? Was crushed? An abstract idea demolished how now? Authority = God so god was crushed there? Huh?

    You as Satanists or anyone else has every right to believe whatever you choose.

    Well, that’s certainly correct & likewise. You have the right to your own opinion – but NOT, please remember, your own facts.

  • StevoR

    & finally ..

    It is not now or ever will be a threat to any Holy Spirit-filled, Christ covered believer . (Sic)

    So, what are you doing arguing if you can call it that here? I make a lot of typos but even at my most “spirit filled” (Coopers Pale being my usual poison of choice – close enough?) I think and hope I make more sense than Judene here. Christ covered? Sounds like a euphemism..Like the Biblical “know” and ‘th-eye”*.. Oddly apt actually. 😉

    (* Could this be it now? For .. )

    on the contrary all dialogue is welcome and encouraged.

    Good to know but your failure to actually respond and reply and engage here has already been noted. Also, yeesh, please learn how capital letters, full stops and sentences work for readabilities sake!

    “‘Come let us reason together’, says The LORD”

    You need some over shouty aristocrat to tell you to reason with people Judene Lovato? Really? Why? For what purpose? Do you think you are capable of it? Your comment here certainly doesn’t show it if so. Yes, let’s reason, let’s discuss things but let’s do it rationally and with thinking not just asserting nonsense to people who aren’t interested in your brand of metaphorical bovine chutney eh?

  • StevoR

    So the magic forbidn word here seems to be a common type of alcohol starting with b & ending in ear. Seriously?! What the ..

  • StevoR

    Also sharted?

    Huh, no looks like we can use that ..

  • StevoR

    Specifically for example? Which fallacies or logical errors in particular Judene Lovato?

  • StevoR


  • StevoR


  • StevoR

    Beers plural.. ok. Singular form no. Of all words.. Huh?

    Seems I’ve misse dosnmething or dunno , just WT ..?!


    Knowing full well how Satanism/paganism/wicca/witchcraft/brujeria is the most imposed and imposing religious faith in the United States and abroad today, it’s no surprise that a worshipper of Molech such as the author of this article would advocate for ‘religious exemptions’ for abortion restrictions.

    Playing the victim card when clearly you are the baby killer and possessor of political powers beyond what any christian or jew has ever had, clearly works every time.


    Oh, and you can’t fool me by telling me that christians get abortions too. ‘Christian’ by name and affiliation ONLY doesn’t count. Christian in the spirit is the standard bearer for one’s behavior and moral code. No Christian would ever sacrifice their babies to the pagan gods that reside over Planned Parenthoods leadership. Leave that up to the pagan lovers of the devil. No sacrifice for success in this life is more effective than child sacrifice. Ask Obama. He knows why there were more child kidnappings under his watch than in any administration.

  • DingoJack

    Nope, that’d be Pastor White. He’s the one advocating abortions.

  • DingoJack

    ‘No True Scotsman’?!?
    Religidjit BINGO!!!
    Hmmm don’t see the spike, do you?
    Number of missing persons in the US (1990 – 2018)
    [SOURCE: National Crime Information Center].

  • lone nut lower case

    uhmm, dude, that’s Paula White. Not Paul. Paula is a chick. She’s married to the keyboardist from Journey. Duuuh.

  • DingoJack

    Ok. I’ll edit it. Does it change my point? No. Pastor White claimed this.
    [Nice try though].

  • Mitch_Haelan

    *non-sarcastic golf clap*

  • Mitch_Haelan

    I want my baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back, Chile’s, baby back ribs.

  • Jezebel’sOlderSister

    You’re singing my song!

  • Freethinker
  • Freethinker