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There is an elegant depth to the Satanic milieu that is often overlooked. We’re on the Non-religious channel because the overwhelming preponderance of the community are atheistic Satanists, but that’s not to say the beliefs of theistic Satanists should be dismissed out-of-hand, and it certainly should not be taken to imply that Satanism is not a religion (it is, deeply held beliefs and all).

Satanism exists in a weird space. It crosses boundaries, mixing individual beliefs with religious community. It champions the individual but acquiesces that when individuals decide to work together toward shared goals great things can happen without subjugating the individual’s personal desires to these collective actions.

This blog aims to address issues, objectives, and beliefs relevant to the Satanic community. Here, we do not seek to codify what Satanism is or isn’t, but rather explore the concept and discuss news relevant to the community. It does not speak on behalf of any one Satanic organization.

About Jack

Jack Matirko is a Satanist, activist, and creative professional in Arizona. As a member of The Satanic Temple, he tries to champion ideals of rational inquiry, personal sovereignty, separation of church and state, and individual freedom. Since 2012 he has co-hosted and produced podcasts including Left Hemispheres and his current show, Naked Diner.

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