April 17, 2019

Hail Satan? director Penny Lane did an interview with Penn Jillette of the magician duo Penn & Teller on his podcast for a discussion on Satanism, secularism, and more. How does Penn’s Clown College experience resonate with Satanism? Read more

April 11, 2019

Wednesday the Arizona House voted to repeal Arizona’s controversial “No Promo Homo” statutes. Today the state Senate followed suit and Governor Doug Ducey (R-AZ) just announced that he has signed the bill, eliminating what amounted to a ban on teaching about homosexuality in sexual education classes across the state. Read more

April 10, 2019

Last month two gay-rights organizations sued the Arizona Board of Education over the state’s ban on HIV/AIDS education that “promotes a homosexual lifestyle”. Attorney General Mark Brnovich has determined that the AG’s office will not be defending against the legal challenges. Read more

April 9, 2019

Back in February the Eighth Circuit’s Judge Henry Edward Autrey dismissed The Satanic Temple’s (TST) federal case against Missouri informed consent abortion laws. In a newsletter announcement TST has now announced they are appealing Autrey’s decision and will continue to pursue a verdict.  Read more

April 8, 2019

Representative Alcee Hastings (D-Florida) introduced H.R. 727, the Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act was introduced to the house in January, yet has made little to no progress getting out of the Education Committee. Read more

April 2, 2019

On Monday The Satanic Temple’s (TST) Grey Faction campaign published a bevy of videos to YouTube featuring TST chapters around the country participating in a Destruction Ritual with the stated goal of bringing about the end of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation. Read more

April 1, 2019

In the spirit of April Fool’s Day this piece about a fake pregnancy bill that does not exist is explicitly satire. It is entirely made up. I feel this disclaimer is necessary because people keep confusing satirical articles with real ones. Please do not confuse this article with a real one; I’m trying to make a point. Read more

March 28, 2019

If it weren’t for the Center for Arizona Policy, Cathi Herrod would likely be the kind of neighbor that reports you to your HomeOwner’s Association for painting your house the wrong color. Instead, she gets about 2 million dollars a year to promote Christian theocracy in the Arizona legislature. Read more

March 26, 2019

A new video from The Satanic Temple’s Grey Faction announces a national “Destruction Ritual” that will be taking place on April 1st. Read more

March 26, 2019

In the wake of the New Zealand Tragedy Satanic New Zealand has issued a statement along with Satanic Australia condemning the attacks and reaffirming their commitment to personal freedom and support for others who wish to be free from persecution. Read more

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