March 20, 2019

Dr. Ellen Lacter has some bizarre, paranoid, and deeply irrational conspiracist beliefs regarding secret societies, ritual abuse, and mind-control. Described on her website as “a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY 9382), a Registered Play Therapist and Supervisor (S444), and a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC17912),” she also prides herself on being a “Past President of the California Association for Play Therapy.” Regularly, however, Dr. Lacter has spoken at conferences where earnest discussions are held regarding the problem of the Illuminati’s incursions… Read more

March 20, 2019

For people who are unfamiliar with The Satanic Temple ‘Hail Satan?’ does a great job of capturing the mood and spirit of those early events. Those of us who have been following TST since they first made news will appreciate that the narrative is spot-on and highlights the group’s biggest news making campaigns. Read more

March 15, 2019

The new media scandal is that a bunch of people with more dollars than sense bribed athletic coaches to sign their kids to teams in exchange for a pile of money. That’s immoral, it’s cheating, it’s tragic. It’s also only half the story. Read more

March 15, 2019

In our collective media narrative the great recession turned around, not on profit-and-loss statements, not with the machinations of government, not with a game-changing disruptive technology, but with the flight of one tiny and insignificant flying mammal. Read more

March 10, 2019

On Thursday, an Alabama grand jury dismissed a case of abuse against a Chilton County intermediate school principal accused of excessive corporal punishment. Read more

March 6, 2019

In 1985, 6 people were wrongfully found guilty of a heinous sexual assault and murder. The reasons for their wrongful conviction? Pseudoscience, false memories, and overly exuberant coercive investigations. Read more

March 2, 2019

Two new charity campaigns have been launched by The Satanic Temple (TST) in Minnesota and Arizona with designs to give aid to impoverished individuals and families. Read more

February 27, 2019

The ‘Hail Satan?’ film documenting the rise of The Satanic Temple has been released to youtube along with the first details of the film’s pending theatrical release on April 19, 2019. Read more

February 26, 2019

The Satanic Temple 2nd Missouri lawsuit was dismissed and the Trump administration announced a huge rule change to Title X reproductive health funding. Read more

February 20, 2019

Part 5 of 5 of our continuing republication of Dominionist Theology: A Guide to Theocracy for Secularists originally published on the  Left Hemispheres blog in 2011 by Steve Barry Read more

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