Is It Okay to Pray for Powerball Numbers?

Is It Okay to Pray for Powerball Numbers? May 10, 2023

Can we pray for this?/Photo by Mark Williams


Is it okay to pray for winning Powerball numbers? Yes, next question.

Oh, you might want to know-why?

What is the difference between praying for six little numbers or a new car? or maybe just a used car that runs? What about praying for a surgery to go well, or chemo-treatment, or the weather or the job you put in for?

     ….who is asking?

What are we asking for and who are we asking?

I have heard, and I am sure you have too or you wouldn’t be asking the question, can I pray for, well, stuff? Who else better to ask for stuff than, well, Dad? Here’s is a father’s perspective on this question, any question where you are asking for something-anything-tangible. What is your heart motivation to get it? You never-never have to worry the God of the Universe will misinterpret anything. He knows who you are and what you truly want. He knows your needs and desires and motivation. The God of the Universe just might let you have your prayer, in spite of it being bad for you.

What? Why? How could having millions of dollars be bad for me-even hundreds of millions? Yep, it could be-or not. So, is it okay to pray for Powerball numbers? Or really anything that doesn’t involve any apparent self-sacrifice?

Or a new car, or a successful chemo treatment, or a puppy?

     I have long since given up….

I have long since given up trying to second guess God. What I do know is He has a plan, and The Plan is always-always perfect.

So, instead of looking at lottery numbers, by the way I sometimes play when it gets up to seven trillion dollars. How about we look at a bigger picture-prayer. The fact you and I are actually talking to God is indicative of faith.  We don’t need a lot of faith, actually, we just need any level for God to work in and through us. None of us have to be the leader of God’s Army and whatever that means. None of us can do squat without God and the Holy Spirit in us, and yet we try to do it anyway. And He will actually let us.

Kinda like watching those elephants paint a painting with a paintbrush and their handlers are saying ‘oh, look at that! Isn’t she painting such a good picture?’ Then they sell it for a $1000 to someone who must have been drunk when they were asked to part with a thousand dollars. “Oh, sure, that’s a great painting (hiccup). It’ll look great over my toilet in my guest bathroom!’

Only to find out they don’t have a guest bathroom. We did that. All of us have done some weird thing on our own and look at it later and just shake our heads.

Praying, talking with Dad, is a wonderful act. It’s a smart act. And here is the thing-asking for stuff-is Biblically allowed. Yep. He wants you to ask. “…don’t be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God,” is says in Philippians 4:6. Ask for it.

     …it doesn’t say….

But it doesn’t say he will grant it from when you pray-those Powerball numbers. Actually, it goes on and says and He will guard your heart and mind. He has you and will protect you even from yourself. I think I am my worst enemy talking myself into or out of just about anything. Waking up in the middle of the night-one of those wakeups where you open your eyes and you are wide awake! My mind dwells on stuff and won’t let it go. I have lived long enough to know who that is, who is controlling that process and it isn’t my Father although He is allowing it to happen.

It’s that other guy trying to just steal a little joy from me like sleep. One thing I have learned about those moments is I can actually command that Evil bastard to be done with me. ‘In the name of my lord Jesus I command you to get your ass out of my room and my head.’ It takes a few minutes, but soon, my eyes are heavy again. I think sometimes, Dad just wants to be with me, and knows I will talk with Him, call on Him, in these situations which reinforce my faith in Him. 

     God has a plan for my life….

We have been having some incredible talks in the car going to the gym at O-Dark Thirty. I can’t stop going to the gym because of my conversations with Dad! I have learned one thing and want to keep learning it, God has a plan for my life-today-tomorrow and part of that might include six winning lottery numbers. But probably not. I can profess I would do great things in His name with it. I am old enough to know that is probably true. But Man over the ions has not improved his will by himself. We are dark and plotting, interlaced with petting the nice dog and throwing some shekels at an open guitar case on the street corner. That makes our thoughts wholesome and pure. And the Evil One Smiles.

But what if you pray for lottery numbers? It is no different than a car or a healthy report on your physical. But what are you going to do with it? God, I have learned, loves to watch us struggle. Just like a Dad, like me, when I watched my kids struggle and a lot of times, persevere.  Getting a wad of money might not be the struggle you want. The temptation, the flocks of people coming on to you-like your second cousin Vinny from Trenton. You thought your parents were only kids so that got weird.

     He could….

But God could do it. He could give you the numbers and you win it. Then what? He could give you a car-then what? Or a clean bill of health? God loves to see us smile and laugh and He does all of that and brings Him joy. But He loves us talking to Him-about anything. He loves to take you for a walk and show you the flowers he grew just for you that morning to show you. They will be gone in two days but today, oh they are blooming.

I know of nowhere I want to be than in my truck at 4:46 in the morning talking to Dad. It’s okay if I ask for stuff. He knew I would before he spung this rock. If I won those numbers, or didn’t win, its His Plan. 

Go for a walk today-and see if the flowers are still blooming.

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