Druidic Teaching Clips

Druidic Teaching Clips May 26, 2015

Hello all. I’m pleased to have completed a series of nine short lectures and slide-shows on the topics of Celtic Druidry and Irish myth. Here’s the link to the playlist on Youtube: I hope that the series might be useful as a short workshop (about 50 min total) for those interested in an intro to modern Celtic Paganism. The episodic nature (5 – 6 minute clips) make it ideal for pre- or post-meeting viewing

A special thanks is due to Jerry Waller, the Ragin’ Pagan, a  radio DJ from down on the Florida coast. I don’t know Jerry in person at all, but he looked me up and asked for Druidic segments for his Monday morning Pagan radio show (which gets actual air, not just internet release…). He took my desktop recordings and arranged them for airpplay, generously sending them back to me for the slideshow videos.I greatly appreciate his interest, which got me moving on what I hope is a more broadly useful project.

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