The Good Caliphate is the ONLY Solution to ISIS

The Good Caliphate is the ONLY Solution to ISIS April 9, 2016

khalifa-lgby Tammara Soma

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you must have heard of the brutality of Daesh’s (ISIS) self-proclaimed “Caliphate.” The apocalyptic attacks in an airport and a busy subway station in Brussels, Belgium, remind us all that this terrorist group will stop at nothing to obtain their objectives in building a so-called “Islamic Caliphate.” This group has not only busied themselves with razing ancient churches and monasteries, kidnapping women, and killing non-Muslims, they have also waged war against Muslims of all sects who do not support their Caliphate. In their online magazine Dabiq, Daesh has called for the extermination of the entire Shia Muslim population.

Daesh is indeed Islam’s and a Muslim’s worst enemy. After all, innocent and peaceful Muslims of all persuasions get lumped with Daesh every time an attack occurs. I can relate to this personally. Despite being a member of a community whose mosque was recently attacked by an ISIS suicide bomber in Bangladesh, as a woman who wears a hijab, I (a Trudeau Scholar, PhD Candidate, mother of three and sustainable food activist) also gets called ISIS by people on the street.

The hateful sentiments against Muslims have grown from a trickle to a huge tsunami as public figures like Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has called for a ban on Muslim travellers, while Ted Cruz have requested surveillance of “Muslims Neighbourhoods” across the United States. The picture seems bleak.

For Ahmadi Muslims like me and millions of others, no amount of ISIS propaganda can entice us towards extremism or the lure of an ISIS Caliphate. You see, tens of millions of Ahmadi Muslims in 207 countries are already living under a global Islamic Caliphate and most people are unaware that one has already existed centuries prior to rise of ISIS.

ISIS’ self-proclaimed Caliphate spends day and night spreading violence and sectarianism against Muslims and non-Muslims, but I must direct your attention to another Caliphate – the Good Caliphate.

You may be wondering, “the what Caliphate?” She must be joking right? Rest assured, this is not a joke. British author Ed West, recently wrote an article with the title: “Our own London Caliphate is doing nothing but good.”

The Ahmadiyya Caliphate began in 1908, with the demise of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, India (1835-1908), the founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed that he was the promised reformer and Messiah prophesized by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and by all major religions of the world. As people of all faiths had diverted from the original, pure teachings sent by God, it was necessary that he came to unite the entire human race. Christians and most non-Ahmadi Muslims are awaiting for the literal second coming of Jesus, as it will signal the end of time. Buddhists are awaiting the coming of the Metteyya Buddha (Messiah Buddha), and Hindus the return of Lord Krishna. There are also Indigenous prophecies relating to a great teacher coming from the East. Ahmadi Muslims believe that all of these prophecies were metaphorical, and referred to the coming of a Messiah, who would unite people of all faiths or no faith. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) taught that messengers were sent to all communities across world. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad promotes the Islamic teaching that there is no monopoly on salvation, emphasizing that it is God’s role alone to be the ultimate judge. These peaceful and unifying teachings are all based on the Holy Qur’an. When Mirza Ghulam Ahmad passed away in 1908, he was succeeded by a line of Caliphs who are all elected by representatives of the community.

So yes, there is indeed another global Islamic Caliphate in operation that is gaining less global attention for spreading love, tolerance, compassion and charitable contributions to the world. This Caliphate promotes the separation of Mosque and state, and is completely against theocracy. This Caliphate promotes freedom of speech, freedom of religion and is against any form of apostasy and blasphemy laws.

This global Islamic Caliphate (currently headquartered in the United Kingdom) has been peacefully coexisting with humanity for more than 100 years. The Caliph promotes the Islamic teaching that loyalty to one’s country of resident is part of your faith. Therefore, there is no conflict with an Ahmadi being both a Muslim, a Canadian, American, or any other nationality. The current Caliph, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, has in fact also delivered addresses at Capitol Hill, the European Parliament and most recently at the Dutch Parliament to speak about peace.

Best of all, this Caliph is accessible, just, answers our letters and opens his mosques to all (Muslim or non-Muslim) who seek peace and harmony. He has commanded Ahmadi Muslims to protect churches, synagogues, temples and all places of worship. He also promotes the empowerment and education of women, criticizing men and clerics who force women to wear the hijab. This Caliphate has also been responsible for funding free healthcare clinics in Ghana, Guatemala, and providing free schools in various countries in Africa. The first Ahmadi Caliph was a renowned physician, the second Caliph a great scholar of Islam who wrote numerous books, the third had a Master’s degree from Oxford and coined our slogan “Love for All Hatred for None,” the fourth was a polymath with a Master’s degree from London’s School of Oriental Studies and our current and fifth Caliph Mirza Masroor Ahmad has a Master’s degree in agriculture, having been recognized for successfully growing wheat in Ghana for the first time during his 8 years of community service in the country.

Only the Good Caliphate can beat ISIS. It is urgent that the media and governments around the world pay attention to our global fight against extremism. We ask all peace loving members of the human race to stand together with us and show these terrorists that we will not be divided and conquered.

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