The answer to the question everyone wants to know: How do I PROGRAM my dreams?

The answer to the question everyone wants to know: How do I PROGRAM my dreams? May 29, 2013


When you follow your bliss doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors; and where there wouldn’t be a door for anyone else.

~Joseph Campbell



Beyond incubating dreams to help manifest desires, I think what we are really striving for as we climb the ladder of evolution/enlightenment is synergy between our conscious and subconscious minds; our soul and ego; and our humanity and divinity. In my seventeen years as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, one thing I’ve learned is when someone gets in sync with themselves they tend to magnetize all manner of fortuitous circumstance into their life. And by contrast, those who simply plug their energy into manifesting yachts, mansions, and bazillions of dollars for the sheer egoic “feather in the cap” are chaotic, miserable, and perpetually stressed.

In order to create true success that sustains and builds over time, we can’t leave the soul out of the success equation. If we truly desire to live our dream lives, our soul must not only come along for the ride, but, it should be in the driver’s seat as we drive up the mountain toward our highest point of awakening.

When you are grappling with a question or seeking to solve a problem, here are some hints about how to plug your subconscious mind (aka dreaming mind) into the mix to expedite the process of finding a solution:

  1. In the moments before you tuck yourself into bed, pose a question in your dream journal related to your question, challenge, problem, or issue du jour.
  2. Revisit the “Create a Dream Collage” blog (day 4) and hang your dream collage over your bed (or at least feast your eyes upon it). While meditating/marinating upon it, drift into dreamland.
  3. As you begin to slip into dreams, ask your dreams to help reveal the answer to your question (or the solution to your challenge). You might add, as a caveat, that you’d like some support remembering your dreams in the morning.
  4. Enjoy a peaceful night‘s sleep.
  5. If you awaken in the night with a dream on your mind, take a moment to post it in your dream journal.
  6. Upon awakening in the morning, record any dream and/or dream wisp in your dream journal. Remember words, phrases, images, and feelings are relevant to this process.
  7. Review the entry you made in your dream journal the night before. Consider the possibility that your dream and/or dream wisp is an answer to your question.


Describe the dream or dream wisp you received after programming your dreams.


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