What if you were powerful beyond measure, but you’ve forgotten?

What if you were powerful beyond measure, but you’ve forgotten? May 26, 2013


Most rarely align with their true power, because it seems illogical to them that there is power—power in relaxation, in letting go, in love, in joy, or in bliss. Most people do not understand their true power lies in releasing resistance—which is the only obstacle to their true power. ~Abraham-Hicks

What if you were powerful beyond measure, but you’ve forgotten? Most of us have no idea that we are, in fact, powerful. And those who do have a clue as to how much power they actually have can often mis-use it by mis-identifying their power as being external, finite, and related to the material world of the ego. I believe the most important thing for us to embody is our power. And once we do embody that power, I believe the next most important step is to become responsible for this power.

The human comedy/tragedy is that we are these turbo-powerful beings that spend most of our time roaming the earth feeling disenfranchised, powerless, and small. We are, indeed, Gods and Goddesses (who have forgotten we are Gods and Goddesses) who have directorial input into how our dreams and our lives play out.

Perhaps, because most of us (until now) didn’t have the tools to consciously own our power, it has been relegated to hovering in the shadows of our blind spots, and thus being used unconsciously. Like the dog walking the person, instead of the other way around. When you take one step toward your power, it takes ten steps toward you.

Its so comical how power-hungry we humans are. Ok, you may not think of it as power you are chasing, but consider the power you lust for may be in the guise of money, fame, security, health, vitality, beauty, validation, opportunity, youth, love, or companionship—a telltale sign we’ve forgotten who we are is when our energy is about the business of getting something, getting someone, getting somewhere. In all our getting, we forget who we truly are, and become like greyhounds chasing a rabbit around and around the track.

You’ve heard the saying, “You can’t hit a moving target.” If you feel plagued by insecurity, then perhaps you have been elusive prey—bobbing and weaving your way through life in such a way that your power can never quite catch up to you. Think of your power like a stalker on the scent of an obsession…YOU! Always lurking in your blind spot, chomping at the bit for the right moment to leap out and have its way with you?

During dreamtime may be the only place you are at rest long enough for your power to get a good shot at you! I believe the reason so many people have “chasing” dreams/nightmares is because we, as a species, are radically cut off from our true power. That’s the good news, because if we could cut ourselves off, we can reconnect ourselves.

Think of yourself at the moment of your birth, a perfect, magnificent, precious child—irrevocably whole and complete. Throughout every trauma, moment of stress, or heartbreak, a part of you, like pieces of a puzzle, became disconnected, frozen like a ghost back in time, forever haunting the scene of the crime. Native Americans call the process of finding your lost pieces and putting them back together, “Soul Retrieval.” I believe our “chasing” dreams/nightmares are our missing puzzle pieces seeking to catch us long enough to reconnect us back to our original form. We think the menace chasing us in our dreams is hell-bent on annihilating us, and perhaps to some degree that is true. Perhaps our power is seeking to annihilate us from our limited, flimsy, disempowered way of being, so that we can awaken to the beauty of our true selves. Annihilating yes…but only to our egos and our identity donning the mask of being a lacking, limping, shivering, quivering, and barely breathing human being. When we face and embrace that which chases us we realize that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, and even that which does, transforms us.


What will you do, who will you be when you have all your power intact?

Can that day be today?


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