Self-compassion and not-so-easy small choices

Self-compassion and not-so-easy small choices July 20, 2012

One of the challenges of learning the spiritual practice of self-compassion is that it most often comes to us in the shape of not-so-easy small choices.

  • Think of Mary of Bethany who courageously chose to sit at Jesus’ feet to learn… And stayed there even when her sister complained bitterly.
  • Think of the woman with the hemorrhage who hoped beyond reason, bravely and illegally entered the fray of the crowd, and reached out to touch the hem of the Rabbi believing she would be healed… And then came forward in fear and trembling to receive a second healing that she did not even know she needed.
  • Think of Sarah who elected to live in the beauty of the oaks of Mamre, the land of her promises.
  • Or Hannah who turned toward her own pain by walking away from her compliance and her family then poured her heart out to God in the temple…  And then spoke “No” to Eli the priest, refusing to be unjustly labeled as a drunkard.
  • Remember Mary of Magdalene who followed rather than dismissed or resisted her grief, allowing it to take her the tomb…  where she found Jesus in a new way.

My not-so-easy small choices for self-compassion this week:

  •  Writing a love letter to my body… and meaning it. (I highly recommend this small choice… it has been life-changing for me)
  • Lunch with a dear friend at a fun and funky place… so sad I forgot to take a picture!
  • Placing myself on the receiving end of a spiritual direction appointment.
  •  Asking for time to work on my stuff in a small group and receiving the care and wisdom of the group.
  •  Cooking a delicious and healthy meal just for myself when my husband was out of town.
  •  Paying extra for gluten free cereal.
  •  Enjoying some time in the pool, letting my body delight in freedom, buoyancy and movement rather than “working out.”

What do your small choices look like? Together, we can start a revolution of self-compassion one not-so-easy small choice at a time!

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