Wow — libertarians are extraordinarily stubborn!

Wow — libertarians are extraordinarily stubborn! August 6, 2013

So the AEI has put out a new proposal for a VoucherCare-like healthcare system, which on the whole I think is pretty promising, but seems to be yet another paper with no real indicators that anyone’s going to aggressively push this.  But look at the comments on the National Review article about the proposal!  Commenter after commenter, quite determined that, if someone fails to purchase a health insurance policy and becomes sick, it’s their own tough luck.  And even when pushed — that the choice isn’t between VoucherCare and a fully-private, you’re on your own system, but between VoucherCare and ObamaCare — they still wouldn’t relent.

I suppose this explains why “repeal and replace” never went anywhere — if a sizable chunk of the GOP has no interest in any form of “replace”!

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