Small-gripes open thread

Small-gripes open thread February 22, 2018

So I have a number of posts in the queue, so to speak, whether as actual drafts or just topics or things from my twitter feed I want to talk about, but I haven’t had much time to blog recently.  And at the same time, my youngest son is going on his first Boy Scout outing this weekend, and my husband, the Scoutmaster, is chasing up the parents of the new scouts who have not replied on whether their boys will attend or not. And we’re still waiting for someone to step up to be the Cub Scout Pack Committee Chair (which is, in our pack, the one who organizes the pack activities) when I step down, what with my youngest having moved on to Cub Scouts.  (Yes, I could stay in the role, but it doesn’t make too much sense to me to do so if I’m no longer as connected to the other families to have a sense of where interests lie and what’s going on more generally, though I’m more than willing to help in other ways, and will shift to being involved in something else rather than not at all.)  On top of which, the BSA is adding the “Lion” rank for kindergartners, which is great but requires recruiting yet another adult volunteer.


As it happens, I try not to gripe too much.  I see too many people who get sucked into believing the world is responsible for their unhappiness and who, incidentally, magnify everything that goes wrong on top of that.  Plus, I feel a bit silenced by the fact that my life, despite family members who struggle with **** and **** (that is, things I don’t talk about for privacy’s sake) and other annoyances, is really not too bad, compared to what issues other people struggle with.

But sometimes I’d like to complain.  And what is wrong with these &^!ers who think that &^!@ travel sports are a better way to spend their children’s, and their own, time, and reject Scouts as a result?

So here’s today’s blog post:  your chance to grip about whatever you want.  What’s bugging you today?


Image:  Pillow Fight, Piazza Maggiore, Bologna;

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