Tire-changers in the (twitter) news

Tire-changers in the (twitter) news May 11, 2018


The second, from Channnn @Chan_the_world (and, no, I can’t figure out why this time around, only the text of the tweet appears, but if you follow the link you’ll see more context, including the fact that she’s a 17 year old black girl):

"It's not about Trump saving "face"...... It's about Trump saving his Presidency. If he reneges ..."

Hubris (Trump, Pelosi, etc.)
"This is still you mono-focusing. Right now Pelosi and Cortes are pursuing other goals."

Hubris (Trump, Pelosi, etc.)
"t"hey aren’t going to lose if they concede, if they grant some border spending as ..."

Hubris (Trump, Pelosi, etc.)
"So in that case, you think you can talk Pelosi, or better yet that young ..."

Hubris (Trump, Pelosi, etc.)

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