What I’m writing elsewhere

What I’m writing elsewhere March 1, 2019

On The Federalist:

Illinois Considers Another Terrifying Law Allowing Infanticide” — look, I don’t write the headlines, and I know that the “infanticide” label is now being pooh-poohed as scare-tactics, but the latest Illinois legislation, with 42 co-sponsors, not only removes any limit on abortion whatsoever (existing law at least nominally requires a medical reason for post-24 week abortions) and specifically affirms that abortion is about ending up with a dead baby, but requires that health insurance cover abortion, at any point, and without any coinsurance or cost-share.


The Future Of Feminism Is…East Germany?” — a book review of Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism.

At Forbes, I’m still on my soapbox about Illinois public pensions, with “Three Steps To Fixing Illinois’ Pension Crisis.”  And, yes, I’m still irritated that in fact, the new governor is kicking the can down the road.

And at Jane the Actuary, I’ve written a hopefully-calmer follow-up post to my irritable post here on the Chicago election:  “Chicago’s Mayoral Election – A Call For Ranked-Choice Voting.”

Plus, in “Minimum wage, median wage: some data and thoughts,” I express my concern that, intuitively, even without digging into the copious literature, it doesn’t make sense for a hike to a new minimum wage, as Illinois had done, that in parts of the state is only a smidge less than the median wage, to only have the beneficial effects its supporters promise.

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