Karmala Harris’s “aftercare” program and the importance of reading the text

Karmala Harris’s “aftercare” program and the importance of reading the text November 10, 2019

An elementary school at which Family Friendly School policies are established shall collaborate with community partners to develop high-quality, culturally relevant, linguistically accessible, developmentally appropriate academic, athletic, extracurricular, enrichment, or community-based learning opportunities, for students from at least 8 am to 6 pm (or different hours if determined appropriate due to the needs of the community) Monday through Friday during the school year.

That’s the key paragraph in the text of the Family Friendly Schools Act as introduced by Sen. Kamala Harris, which intends to remedy the problems that poor families have in caring for their children after the school day ends, in the case of single parents or two-earner families, where there is no budget for formal aftercare or neighborhood babysitters, and no family members or neighbors to look after kids too young to take care of themselves after school.  The bill is a grant/pilot-type program intended to be scaled afterwards.

Now, I voiced on twitter my skepticism of the program and the notion of a 10 hour school day, and, since this was in the form of a reply to someone with a large twitter following, I got replies from strangers along these lines:



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