Take a moment to get acquainted.  Minister.  Supervised Therapist.  Teacher.  Author.  I wear all these hats as a Spirit-filled Christian, husband, and dad who is overseeing a nonprofit for ministerial education and online counseling.

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Contact Info

  • The quickest way to connect is via Google Voice or email.  Please leave a message.
  • 231.714.4154, Google Voice

Supervised Marriage and Family Therapist

  • Therapist Locator is a service for members of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.
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Evangelical Columnist at Patheos

  • Patheos is the world’s largest online religion community.
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JCIngle YouTube

  • We established a YouTube channel in 2018.  Our whole family has experimented with videos of various sorts, some quite humorous.  I have used the channel primarily to post vlogs here on Patheos.
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  • Patheos offers a contracted position, so join my email list above.  Over time, email is the best way to acquire and maintain a readership.
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  • We’re facing medical bills this year that won’t be covered by traditional insurance.  So we are trying a crowdsourcing platform.  We see this as an absolutely critical moment in my health journey.  To view my story and see how to give CLICK HERE
  • Online giving is now a possibility because I’ve established a Michigan nonprofit.  I’ve been in ministry since 1993.  I’m also a supervised therapist, so my nonprofit offers an umbrella for ministerial and counseling endeavors.  To give through Square CLICK HERE

Social Networks

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JCIngle Podcasts

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