Prisoner In A Castle

Prisoner In A Castle June 10, 2016
Photo of the Day | Prisoner In A Castle

You are a daughter of Heaven, a chosen one.
You are a daughter of Heaven, through God’s own Son.
You are a daughter of Heaven, so please don’t hide
The beauty of Heaven inside.
–Jamie Owens-Collins, Daughter of Heaven
girl with blue hair 1

“Daddy won’t let me get my ears pierced,” she cried. “He makes me feel like a prisoner in a castle!” 

Some days later, she asked if she could bleach the ends of her hair and dye them blue. “Just the ends,” she begged.

Eventually, we relented. The ends can always be trimmed, right?

They grow up so fast. You think if you give them a little freedom now they’ll be less likely to rebel later, but it doesn’t always work out that way. But, maybe sometimes it does. I hope anyway.

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