About Jeremy Lott

Jeremy Lott is an editor, author and amateur but very enthusiastic bowler. He founded and edits Real Clear Religion and Real Clear Books, and has fingers in a few more pies in the critically-acclaimed Real Clear network of websites. He is the author and ghostwriter of several books and is currently pecking away at a book about death and C.S. Lewis. His journalism is frequently used in college courses. Jeremy’s widely-quoted feature story about the Christian Culture Industry, “Jesus Sells,” was collected in the Best Christian Writing series. He wrote an original chapter for the Oxford University Press book, Blind Spot: When Journalists Don’t Get Religion.

Jeremy is the son of a Baptist minister and a convert to the Church of Rome. He lives in Lynden, Washington, a small, predominantly Dutch Reformed town snug up against the Canadian border. Before coming to Real Clear, Jeremy knocked about Washington, DC, for seven long, humid years, working for think tanks and magazines and freelancing like kudzu. His work has appeared in hundreds of newspapers, websites and magazines. One former boss said of him, “Jeremy is as smart as the Devil but as sweet as an angel. Though from time to time I have seen him frown.” His high bowling score is 217.