What Should We Do for Christmas?

What Should We Do for Christmas? December 21, 2005

What Should We Do for Christmas?

On Christmas Eve, we may all come together and prepare for the “Big Day”. The “Big Day” of course is Christmas, a holiday we have been preparing for since October. We know that on Christmas, we go to church, we visit family, we share a big meal, and we exchange gifts. This is what all of our busyness is all about. We are intent on “getting everything done” by Christmas. We are going to send out those cards and we are going to get those gifts in the mail.

It is as if we consider the gift-giving part the only part. There is the gift-giving part. The Wise Men came and they gave gifts to Jesus of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. But the gift-giving part only happens because there is a worshiping part. Look at how many times worship is the theme in Matthew 2:

Matthew 2:2 – The Wise Men left their home country intending to worship Christ.
Matthew 2:8 – The Wise Men notified Herod of their intent to worship Christ as King.
Matthew 2:10 – The Wise Men were filled with joy because they found whom they wanted to worship.
Matthew 2:11 – The Wise Men came to the house and their first act was to worship.

So you see an emphasis on the part of the Wise Men to worship Jesus. But is that what we do? Will you and I go home and think about worshiping Jesus? Frankly, I don’t think so. Many of you when you leave this room will have considered worship here in this building as enough for today. You have come to the church building and you have done your duty. Now it is time to go to the house and eat some cookies and open some gifts.

But in the house where Jesus was, the Wise Men made gift-giving an expression of the worship that they intended to give Jesus. The gifts because they were given to Him, were gifts of worship.

Christmas is not about us. It is about Him. What Should We Do for Christmas? We should worship our Saviour Jesus. How are you going to do it tonight?

You can sing songs together as a family, when you get together and eat those cookies. You can read the “real” Christmas story that we just read here, not just the others – which are just fairy tales.

You can spend time in prayer thanking Jesus that because He came into the world, you can go out of the world in security. Because He was born, you are born again. Because He died and was raised to life, you can have eternal life. This is the gift of Christmas that Jesus gave you.

Christmas is not about us. It is about Him. Take some time tonight and worship your Saviour. Make that your gift to Him.

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