The Art of Restoration with God

The Art of Restoration with God Psalm 80:1-19 I want to spend this Christmastime known as Advent to talk about four important skills that we all may go through as Christians. We all have an opportunity to: Restore Remember Rejoice Remind During this holiday season, I want to ask you ask a question: “Who do I need to spend time making a restoration?” “Who do I need to restore a relationship with?” I want us to look at a psalm… Read more

How to Walk Through My Emotions With Jesus

How to Walk Through My Emotions With Jesus John 11:28-44 Most psychologists agree that there are a set of major emotions: fear, grief, anger, and joy. These basic emotions may express themselves in different ways, forms, and varieties. This is the reason why some psychologists will say that there are eight, or sixteen emotions. They are just expressions of the basic emotions. The Bible shows Jesus experiencing four basic emotions during His difficult time dealing with the death of his… Read more

Is There Moore Silent Support From Evangelicals For Roy?

It has been my experience that people of faith who consistently attack certain groups usually are doing that to compensate for sinful (or at least questionable) behavior in the past. Read more

Love Is Something You Do

Love Is Something You Do Matthew 25:31-46 One of the least-thanked groups in our society is the people who empty the garbage. It’s not what you would call a high-class job. However, in New York a couple of years ago, the garbage men went on strike. All of a sudden, these typically underrated people became the most significant people in the city because the whole place was stinking. If you let a couple of weeks go by and your garbage… Read more

Gratitude Is An Attitude

Beware gratitude killers! Read more

How My Prayers Can Lead to Thankfulness

Can prayers lead to thankfulness? Read more

How to Pray for Someone’s Spiritual Growth

How to Pray for Someone’s Spiritual Growth Colossians 1:9-14 In June 2014 the prestigious spot on the cover of Sports Illustrated went to the Houston Astros, who were then coming off three consecutive seasons with at least 105 losses and had a 36-48 record that season. The cover boldly predicted that the Astros would be World Series champions in 2017, and it was backed up by a story from Ben Reiter titled “Astro-Matic Baseball: Houston’s Grand Experiment,” which took readers… Read more

Building the Home of God

Building the Home of God Isaiah 56:1-8 God’s home is the description of God’s family. Here in Isaiah 56, God begins to share the future of God’s people after the work of Christ is completed upon the Cross. Isaiah is considered a miniature version of the Bible. If that is the case, then Isaiah 54 begins the “church age” of Isaiah. God is building a home and He wants it built upon prayer. I realize that you may think that… Read more

The Unseen Realm by Michael S. Heiser

The Unseen Realm by Michael S. Heiser The Unseen Realm by Michael S. Heiser suggests that as theologians and pastors, we need to recover a supernatural worldview. The Bible can only be interpreted correctly when one understands the worldview of the writers. Instead of basing one’s interpretations on Christian history or tradition, Heiser suggests recovering the supernatural worldview of the original writers and readers. By doing so, the reader will be able to understand many of the “problem” passages in… Read more

The Benefits of Sinning

Here are seven benefits to sinning that can damage you for eternity. Read more

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