How to Train in the Sport of Godliness 1 Timothy 4:6-10 Starting this week, the Winter Olympics in South Korea will showcase a group of athletes who will compete for medals. Have you ever worked to get better at something? If so, you soon realized that the cliché “practice makes perfect” is true. Olympic Athletes seem to succeed with effortless grace, but their performances aren’t as easy as they look. The average Olympian trains four hours a day at least… Read more

How to Be a Champion in the Game of Life 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 Sylvester Stallone surprised the entertainment world by resurrecting his iconic movie hero, Rocky Balboa, for one last film in 2006. Then, while promoting the film, Stallone shocked Christian fans by saying that his faith in Jesus Christ had influenced the writing of the first Rocky screenplay. His renewed affiliation with Christianity had motivated him to write the last one. In an interview with, Stallone said, “I… Read more

5 Church Evangelism Principles Mark 6:7-13 1. Believe in the authority of Jesus (Mark 6:7) “He summoned the Twelve and began to send them out in pairs and gave them authority over unclean spirits.” (Mark 6:7, CSB) When you are sharing the Gospel, you are involved in spiritual warfare. You have to realize that this is not just about technique. This is not just about methods and models. This is about serious warfare. You have to believe that Jesus gave… Read more

Healing for Damaged Emotions by David Seamands Healing for Damaged Emotions by David Seamands is an excellent resource to help Christians deal with emotions that have been damaged. Seamands uses Matthew 8:17 and Romans 8:26-27 as the thesis for his book. He suggests from these verses that “infirmities” are damaged emotions. After explaining the Biblical definition of damaged emotions, Seamands shares how to deal with damaged emotions. He explains that one may be spiritual, yet still have emotional problems inside…. Read more

How to Run My Life Race Well Hebrews 12:1-2 Three top contenders in the Bangalore Half Marathon were following their pace car when the car missed a turn and led the runners 2.5 miles in the wrong direction. The mistake occurred about nine miles into the 13.1-mile course, and the runners didn’t realize right away that the crowd had disappeared. They had to borrow money from morning joggers in a Bangalore neighborhood so they could buy train tickets to the… Read more

5 Rewarding Crowns for the Christian There are eternal rewards. These rewards are given to every Christian. It is interesting to see that each of the five crowns listed in the New Testament is related to each of the five purposes for the Christian (which are described in the books by Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life, and The Purpose Driven Church.) 1. The incorruptible crown – The crown of DISCIPLESHIP “Now everyone who competes exercises self-control in everything. They do… Read more

Supporting these political leaders for other reasons than character diminishes the power that these evangelical leaders can exert in other truly important moral issues. Read more

The healthy, wealthy and wise Word of Faith theology permeates Pat Robertson’s organization as well as his presidential campaign. This theology impacted politics in a way that one could not imagine. Read more

How to Experience Greater Things John 1:43-51 What to Expect in 2018 Part 2 Welcome to 20181 Our phones are wireless, Our cooking is fireless, Our cars are keyless, Our food is fatless, Our dresses are sleeveless, Our relationships are meaningless, Our attitudes are careless, Our feelings are heartless. Our babies are fatherless, Our children are mannerless, Our educations is valueless, Our youth are jobless. Our leaders are shameless, Our politicians are worthless, Our government is clueless! We are speechless…. Read more

The Unintended Blessing January 16, 2018 Year B Genesis 17:17-22 Have you ever been the recipient of an unintended blessing? You plan to do one thing, and without you realizing it, you received another blessing that you never expected. You go to the restaurant to “pay it forward” and you discover that someone has paid for your meal. You go to help someone in need, and then you discover a check that comes in the mail right when you least… Read more

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