1 John 2:3-14 Christian Mothers

1 John 2:3-14 Christian Mothers May 15, 2012

1 John 2:3-14 Christian Mothers

We celebrate Mother’s Day today. It is a holiday which we use on Sundays to honor motherhood. As I share from you here from the Word of God, 1 John 2:3-14 shares with us a few characteristics of Christian mothers.Christian mothers keep God’s commands (2:3).

We are Christians if we learn to keep Christ’s commands. From whom do we learn these commands? We are taught these commands early on from our parents. While fathers instill in us values, mothers also keep God’s commands and share these commands with us.

Christian mothers are consistent in their Christian walk (2:6).

In (2:4-6), John constrasts an inconsistent Christian life with a faithful Christian life. “Walking as He walked” is the motto of every Christian who follows Jesus. Paul said to Timothy, “imitate me as I imitate Christ.” There are role models in the Christian life – people we look up to as we follow Christ. Mothers are usually the first ones the children turn to.

Christian mothers love others with the love of Christ (2:7-11).

Every child is a child whom only a mother could love. But the love of a mother is only the beginning. Christ gave a new command which was described in John 13:34 – “Love others as I have loved you.”

So a mother’s love should point us to Christ’s love. What is Christ’s love? It is a sacrificial love. Christ loved the world in this way: He gave his life for others.

Mothers typically have given their lives for their families.

Christian mothers should be an example of spiritual growth (2:12-14).

In the following verses, we have a set of people whom John addresses. Interestingly, John addresses young men, older men, and children. However, he does not address mothers. In these verses we see a progression of spiritual growth.


“little children” – baby stage

“young men” – growth stage

“fathers” – maturity stage

Why are women or specifically addressed? I would submit that they are also examples of spiritual growth. Just as the fathers are represented of the maturity stage, mothers are also mature in their faith.

Some mothers are more mature than others, but all mothers represent this example.

We celebrate Mother’s Day today. As children, we celebrate mothers who are always forgiving. As fathers, we celebrate mothers as we learn to “come to know Christ” together as a couple. As young men have overcome the evil one, so moms have also taught us the values we need to overcome the evil one.

Today, we live in a society which is constantly attacking the definition of family as God has defined it. Yet we know that Christian mothers will continue to stand up to the evil one and his schemes. Christian mothers will continue to teach us what God intends for each of us as His children.


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