Lenten Series: Jesus ______________

Lenten Series: Jesus ______________ March 4, 2014

Lenten Series: Jesus ______________

Lenten Series: Jesus ______________ is a series of reflections for Lent that explore the ways Jesus interacts with us.

As a Baptist, I have never been taught to celebrate Lent. I have preached a series for Advent, and I have been involved in “40 Days” emphasis during the spring. However, I have never actually observed Lent. I know that it involved fasting so that you can concentrate on Christ. So my thought this year would be a Lent Writing Challenge. I will fast from other activities until I have written a post each day. I plan to write a series of posts which would focus on Christ.

The theme which I plan to concentrate on this year is “Jesus __________.” The idea is that I will pick a verb and write about the life of Jesus as He has lived out His life. For example, I would write about “Jesus eats.” This would be my writing prompt for the day. Sundays are excluded as is normal for Lent. However, I plan to write something different each day. Feel free to join me. You can comment if you wish, or even suggest something for me to write. I pray that God blesses you as He blesses me through this exercise of longing for Him.

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