The Spirit World

The Spirit World October 1, 2014

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1, HCSB)

People may think of the spirit world as being full of ghouls, goblins, vampires, zombies, demons, and angels. The spirit world is more than just the place of the dead – much more. The physical world is temporal, the spiritual is eternal. The physical world is made of the known senses. The spiritual world is made of things we cannot sense. There is a spiritual heaven and physical “heavens.” The physical heavens are made up of the sky and the known physical universe. The spiritual heaven is the spiritual domain, the place where God lives[1].

God created the spiritual world. From His spiritual location, called Heaven, God created everything spiritual in form and function. The spiritual functions according to set of different laws. These laws are not limited to the physical world. This explains why sometimes we may think that the spiritual world is so powerful. Unfortunately, we have been misled to think that worshipping the spiritual world and the creatures in it are better than worshipping the God who created that world.

Does God exist in Heaven? Yes. Did a spiritual world exist before the physical world? Yes. God is eternal, and at some point called “the beginning” God created everything spiritual and physical. While scientists can detect the age of the physical world, including the known universe, they are unable to detect the age of the spiritual world, with good reason. As we will see, when we try to get involved in God’s world – the spiritual world – we will deal with laws and powers which we don’t fully understand. We should seek God Who can show us the spirit world, and not seek the spirit world to look for godlike powers.

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