Praise the Name

Praise the Name December 26, 2014

Praise the Name

Praise the Name

Praise the name is a simple thought lectionary reflection from Psalm 148 on the way to praise the name of God in worship.

December 26, 2014 Year B

Let them Praise the name of Yahweh,

for His name alone is exalted.

His majesty covers heaven and earth.

(Psalm 148:13, HCSB)

In this psalm, the writer lists the reasons why God’s name should be praised. He starts with the highest things created and continues all the way to humanity. He starts with heavenly bodies, then earthly skies, to weather patterns and then to created things on Earth. He ends with humanity In Genesis when God created the heavens and the Earth. In that account, God creates humanity as the pinnacle of His creative acts. In a similar way, humanity is the pinnacle of God’s creation in the psalms. As a result, God is worth our worship because of His creative acts.

We are to praise the Name because He created us. We are the pinnacle of His creation. His expression of love is poured out most on us, His creation. We praise God because He created us. We value His power in our lives, just as we adore His power over the heavens and the earth. That is the reason why God’s name should be praised.

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