Listen, Obey, Serve

Listen, Obey, Serve February 25, 2015

Listen, Obey, Serve

Listen, Obey, Serve

February 25, 2015 Year B

Matthew 4:1-11

The Devil, known as the Tempter, came to Jesus during a time of fasting. He tested Jesus in three different areas of devotion. He tested his hearing, his heart, and his hands. These are the same areas in which Satan will tempt me. He will tempt me to listen to him instead of God. Satan will tempt me to obey him instead of God. Satan will also tempt me to serve him instead of God. Each of these areas of devotion shows an intensity of love which I show to God.

Listening is the first level of love. I love God by listening to His Word. Obeying is the second level of my loving devotion. I read what God says in His Word, I listen to it, and then I obey what I hear. The third level of my loving devotion to God is when I serve Him. Someone who loves God will listen, obey and then serve Him. The is the highest devotion of love I can express to God.

The benefits Satan attaches to his temptations seem wonderful. Power and prestige are the rewards which Satan uses to tempt us to follow him. Satan is not asking us to follow him as much as he is asking us to stop following God.

Because Satan knows that if I stop listening to, obeying, and serving God, then it is much easier for him to control me. Satan will do anything he can to distract me.

When it comes to listening to God, Satan will do his hardest to stop me. The reason is because if I listen to God, I am more likely going to want to obey Him and then serve Him. So if Satan can stop me from listening to God, then he has most of his battle won.

Satan stopped Eve from listening. Satan stopped David from listening. He stopped Saul from listening. One of Satan’s greatest temptations and weapons is to stop a Christian from listening to God.

Listening to God is like food for the soul. The Word of God is the bread of life. I live on God’s Word. I read and listen to what God tells me and I feed on His Word. Without God’s Word, I starve.

Prayer: God, I want to listen, obey, and serve you. Please keep feeding me through Your Word.

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