Two Witnesses That Confirm the Existence of God

Two Witnesses That Confirm the Existence of God March 5, 2015

Two Witnesses That Confirm the Existence of God

March 5, 2015 Year B

Psalm 19:1-14

The Old Testament law states that on the testimony of two witnesses, a matter will be established as fact. In modern jurisprudence, facts are put into evidence on the corroboration of two witnesses. The psalmist puts forth two witnesses which confirm the existence of God: (1) creation and (2) Scripture.  

The psalm begins by describing creation and its

ability to communicate the glory of God. Even though their voice is not heard, they still speak. Their message goes out to those who will be willing to hear (Psalm 19:1-4). The psalmist accurately describes the rotation of the sun around the Earth (Psalm 19:5, Isaiah 40:22). The “tent” that God uses for the heavens around the sun is space itself (Psalm 19:4). The Bible here is precise in its explanation of the creation of the world and the universe in the words in which it can use to describe it. It may not the exact meaning of modern science, but it is just as accurate and precise.

The second witness is Scripture (Psalm 19:7-14). Scripture testifies to the trustworthiness of God. When one obeys the words, instructions, teachings, commands, and precepts found in the Scriptures, then one can live a good life. Scripture testifies the trustworthiness of God because when one obeys Scripture, it works.

Obeying Scripture will make one happy,

healthy, and wise (Psalm 19:7-8). Obeying Scripture gives results which are better than wealth. Scripture helps one to be righteous, and one is warned in a way that protects them from danger (Psalm 19:9-11).

God uses Scripture to convict the heart of sin (Psalm 19:12-13).

This is one reason why the testimony of Scripture is valid in its assertion that God exists. If God didn’t exist, then humanity would never feel conviction of sin which is testified in Scripture. If the Scriptures kept saying something is wrong, and you never realized it and never saw consequences from it, it would show that the Scriptures are wrong and that God does not exist. To put it another way, God sears the conscience that He created in us (which proves there is a God) when the Bible points out our sin. When our hearts are burdened by sin, that is proof that God exists.

The psalmist ends with a confession that comes from the testimony of these two witnesses. The two witnesses testify to the psalmist’s sin and sin and as a result, the psalmist confesses on the stand (Psalm 19:14).

Prayer: God, thank You that You have provided witnesses to Your glory, whose testimony I can read and rely on to prove You exist. May I continue to be a good witness as well.

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