The Purpose of My Building Offering

The Purpose of My Building Offering June 2, 2015

The Purpose of My Building Offering

June 2, 2015 Year B

Exodus 25:1-9

In this section, God tells Moses the way in which He wants the building of His temple funded. People are to give voluntarily to this building project (Exodus 25:1). They are to give whatever they can that can help build the building. In their case it was object which could be used (Exodus 25:3-7) – what we would today call in-kind donations. At the same time, He also took money (Exodus 25:2).

Whenever a church takes on a building project, it is always for God’s glory – not the glory  of the ones who build or donate (Exodus 25:8). God’s glory must be central to any building project.

The church must also build it the way God wants it built (Exodus 25:9). God tells Moses to build it according to the pattern that God shows Moses. In that case, it was a pattern from heaven. In other times, it may be some other pattern. While cultural considerations are to be taken into consideration, God must also be involved in the architecture and construction process.

Building projects should not take priority over its purpose: we are called to glorify God with everything He has given us.

Prayer: God, please help me remember that whatever I build, whatever I plan must submit to Your purpose and designs.

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