Jesus Grieved

Jesus Grieved September 14, 2015

Jesus Grieved

September 14, 2015

Jesus wept.” (John 11:35, HCSB)

When Jesus came to a family he cared about, his friend Lazarus died. Jesus came late to the funeral. When Jesus heard the pain of his friends who were mourning over Lazarus, Jesus was grieved. Grief happens on the inside. Mourning happens on the outside. So when Jesus saw his friends mourning over the loss of their friend, He was grieved on the inside. He showed that grief by weeping.

Grief is a process that takes time. There is no one perfect way to grief. The soul needs to express itself and sometimes the only way to express is through sadness that comes out as grief. There is no shame in grief. Grief is natural and it is necessary. It is a coping mechanism that God has given us because we live temporarily in an imperfect. Grief reminds the Christian that Earth is not our home. We have a home in Heaven. When someone dies, we grieve for them because we want to be with them. We know the separation is real and we express them emotionally.

The death of a friend or family member is extremely hard on a person. The death of Lazarus affected Jesus deeply. So it is no surprise that one might grieve over the loss of a person. We should not be afraid to grieve.

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