Ancestor of the King

Ancestor of the King November 7, 2015

Ancestor of the King

November 7, 2015 Year B

For many people, discovering the family’s roots is a great past-time. You soon discover that you are connected with famous or important people. If you are lucky, you discover that you are related to royalty.

In this passage, we have a glimpse of the royalty relationship that Ruth has. She is the ancestor of the king, in this case, King David (Ruth 4:22). In a way, this is revisionist history. The writer mentions this at the end of the story for dramatic effect, even the writer knows about King David. The point of this reference is to encourage the people of God that there is a king coming who will save the people of Israel, who like Naomi and Ruth have experienced hardships.

The fairy tale ending for this story points to another king (and ultimately a final King). Just as Ruth and Naomi are ancestors of King David, Christians are ancestors of King Jesus. You and I may experience similar trials like Naomi and Ruth, whether it is the loss of a spouse, a child, or homeland. We may go through times of famine and hardship. But like Naomi and Ruth, there is a King coming who will help us with our difficulties and we look forward to Him. We are related to royalty and that assurance keeps us going. We may live like the pauper today, but soon we will be prince and princesses.

Prayer: Thank You for King David, and ultimately King Jesus. You help me keep going when times are tough because I can know for certain that I am an ancestor of the King.

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