God's Generosity Eliminates My Anxiety

God's Generosity Eliminates My Anxiety November 16, 2015


  God’s Generosity Eliminates My Anxiety


November 16, 2015 Year B

It was food and fellowship night. Normally, we would come together, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, say grace, and then let the birthday folks lead the line in the fellowship hall for the food.

While I was singing “Happy Birthday,” I noticed a sharp pain in my chest. It happened again when I went to get my food and a final time when I was eating my dessert. The pains were sharp, sudden, and coming from th upper left region of my chest. I told my wife, who told a nurse sitting next to her. The next thing I know, all the women were telling me to go the emergency room.

I let a friend drive me there to the emergency room. I get checked in, and then they roll me in with a wheelchair into the room. I had just finished changing my clothes when five nurses showed up and started putting pads and wires all over me. I thought: I never have had this many women help me at one time – this must be serious.

They ran an EKG and then the doctor came. He told me that they would do a blood test, but that he was 90% certain that the pain was from muscle spasms.

I was relieved. There was nothing wrong with my heart. My family has a history of heart problems and I thought I was too young to begin to have those troubles. I walked out of the ER and went by the office. I asked for the bill and they told me it would be $250.

I almost had a heart attack. My anxiety shot up and I was upset. I was just in the ER for no more than 40 minutes and they were charging me so much money. I pulled out my credit card and paid the bill. I went home thinking: How could the hospital charge me so much for such little effort?

I talked to my wife and she reassured me that it was ok. One can never know if chest pains might be something else. It was good to get it checked. Then she said:

At least you were able to go somewhere to get your heart checked and have professionals help you.

As I read this psalm, I am reminded that there are times when we are anxious (Psalm 13:2). I can easily store up anxious concerns every day. But if I would trust in God (Psalm 13:5), I will realize that He has treated me generously (Psalm 13:6).

God’s generosity eliminates my anxiety.

God is good to me, although I may look at things around me and let me feel anxious. Instead of worrying about my situation, I need to trust in God’s generosity.

Prayer: God, please help me realize that your generosity can eliminate my anxiety, even if only for the day, or even just the moment. I want to trust You more and thank You for your help, instead of worrying about my problems.

"Wow, Glory to god. This fed my spirit this morning. Gob bless!"

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