Christ the Victor

Christ the Victor November 25, 2015

Christ the Victor

Christ the Victor is a simple thought reflection on John 16:25-33 about how He was the victor over sin and death to help the world.

November 25, 2015 Year B

John 16:25-33

Jesus Christ is the Victor. He says that He has conquered the world (John 16:33). How did He conquer the world? How He conquered the world was to die on the cross to save people from sin (John 16:31-32). What did Jesus do to conquer the world? Jesus introduced an innovate way of conquering. He became the victor by revealing God’s love.
God is love. Jesus came from God and He will return to God (John 16:26-28). While He was here, He showed God’s love. We know this because this is how the disciples knew that Jesus came from God (John 16:29-30).

The way that Jesus revealed the nature of God was to introduce to the world the love of God. This is completely unlike other religions. Other religions and philosophies teach different ways to get to their “god.” Primarily, the “ways” are through acts or works which are used to appease the “god.” What makes Christianity unique is that God showed the way to Himself. He showed the way to Him by revealing Himself through an act of love. What an interesting way to conquer the world. Instead of conquest by dominating other people, Christ conquers by revealing life through God’s love (John 16:25).

Jesus is the Victor because He is able inspire courage in me and give me victory in life (John 16:33).

Prayer: God, thank You for Jesus – Who gives victory in my life and conquers by your love.

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