Turning Doubts Into Praise

Turning Doubts Into Praise December 4, 2015

December 4, 2015 Year C

Luke 1:68-79

God is in the business of turning our doubts into praise. Zechariah and Elizabeth were told that she will have a son, who would be named John. Unlike Mary, Zechariah doubted God’s Word. The consequence was severe. For the next nine months, Zechariah could not say a word. This forced him to listen to God more intently.

Nine months and eight days later, they name the boy. While the people thought that his name should be Zechariah, the father wrote down John. Immediately, his mouth was opened. What he said next showed that unlike the beginning, Zechariah turned his doubts into praise.

Zechariah prophecies about John’s ministry (Luke 1:76-77). This prophecy could only have come from the time of silence which God used to speak to him.

God may force me to reflect on my circumstances – to see things from His perspective. These reflections require that I stay silent. Instead of giving God a mouth full of excuses, I learn to give Him my ear of attention.

Prayer: God, thank You that You turn my doubts into praise. You help me see the situation from Your perspective and that helps me with mine.

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