Triple Alliance of Egypt, Syria, and Iraq

Triple Alliance of Egypt, Syria, and Iraq December 8, 2015

Triple Alliance of Egypt, Syria, and Iraq

Triple Alliance of Egypt, Syria, and Iraq

There will be a triple alliance of Egypt, Syria, and Iraq. You may not believe that today. Yet, the Bible reveals that this will be the case.

Isaiah 19:19-25

Today, when we look at the Middle East, we see that Egypt, Syria, and Iraq are enemies of the state of Israel. Egypt, Syria, and Iraq form a triple alliance against Israel.

The Bible prophesies that these same three countries will form a triple alliance of blessing for the people of God (Isaiah 19:24). One would not know that by watching the news today. The Islamic State, also known as ISIS and ISIL. Today, the alliance is dangerous. The Islamic State, which comprises of the land made up of parts of Syria and Iraq, have plans to expand their influence. Egypt, along with other countries in North Africa is very unstable as a consequence of the Arab Spring. The Islamic State has a foothold in Tunisia, Libya, Sudan, and Ethiopia. Egypt, Syria, and Iraq do not at present have a compelling interest to align themselves together in support of Israel.

Eventually, something will happen that will cause the purpose of the alliance to change. Instead of being set to destroy Israel, the triple alliance will soon be ready to support Israel.

Prayer: God, I look forward to the triple alliance of blessing for your people.

Photo by Nathasja Vermaning on Unsplash

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