Give God High Praise

Give God High Praise December 23, 2015

December 23, 2015 Year C

When one is really impressed with the works of a person, one usually gives that person high praise. It is not just praise, but high praise. It is a degree of praise that shows that the person who receives the praise is worthy of the attention of other people. It tells others: “Hey look at this person. This person is worth your time, and attention.”

Mary gave God high praise.

She explains in this brief upward prayer to God all of the wonderful things He has done in her life. She says that both her soul and her spirit (as well as her lips) praise God (Luke 1:46-47).

Mary takes the time to mention all the great things God has done, not only for herself, but also anyone who trusts Him (Luke 1:49-50).

Mary lists a variety of promises God has kept to His people (Luke 1:51-55). God is given high praise by Mary because God has done what He promised to do:

He has shown mercy (Luke 1:50, Luke 1:54)

He has opposed the proud but lifted up the humble (Luke 1:51-52)

He has fed the hungry and emptied the rich of their possessions (Luke 1:53)

It is because God has kept His promises (Luke 1:55) that Mary gives God high praise. Mary is our model. She has a humble, but dependent heart.

It takes a humble heart for someone to heap high praise on someone else.

Receiving the promise of bearing the Messiah has truly humbled Mary. Anytime God entrusts us with a similar precious promise, we should be willing to give God high praise.

What promises has God kept with you this year? What better way to end the year than to heap high praise on God for what He has done for you.

Prayer: I am reminded of the high praise God deserves from me. I pray that He will continue to keep His promises to me. I look forward to how He will be faithful in the coming year.

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