Promises Are Made in Relationships and Locations

Promises Are Made in Relationships and Locations January 6, 2016

Promises Are Made in Relationships and Locations

January 6, 2016

Genesis 12:6-9

Promises are made in relationships and locations. People make promises. Here, God made a promise to Abram. The promise was simple. The land which Abram is on would later belong to his children.

This promise is based on a previous promise in Genesis 12:1-3. There, God said to go to a land He would Abram. God would make Abram into a great name and bless him. Now that promise has a place. The promise has a location from which the previous promise could take place.

When God makes promises, He makes them to certain people in certain places. There is a time and space to His work.

We also learn more about God when these promises are made. Because these promises are made, a relationship develops between the receiver and the giver. God gives promises. We learn about Him when these promise come true.

This is why Abram worshiped God when God spoke a second promise. God had fulfilled the first promise in Genesis 12:1. God had shown Abram the location. So Abram believes that God will fulfill the second promise. That is why Abram calls on the name of God as Yahweh. Yahweh is the personal name of God. Because promises are made by people in places.

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