God Is the Superhero Who Vindicates Me

God Is the Superhero Who Vindicates Me February 9, 2016

February 9, 2016 Year C (Shrove Tuesday)

Psalm 35:11-28

In many comic book stories, a good person is paid evil by an an enemy (Psalm 35:12). The superhero is called upon to vindicate that good person who has been hurt.

The victim can’t call out to law enforcement because the law punishes people for a crime, and there are limits to their abilities. Law enforcement exacts punishment or judgment, but not vindication. For vindication, a victim needs a superhero – someone who is more powerful than the law.

So the victim calls out for vindication. Whether it is Captain America, Batman, or Superman, the victim can count on the superhero to come to their aid. The superhero will come and make things right.

The victim in Psalm 35 is asking God how long He will look upon him. He wants to be rescued (Psalm 35:17). The victim has been attacked on all sides (Psalm 35:15-16). The victim is helpless. He calls out to God just as one would call out for a superhero.

There are times when we want someone to come and save us from our enemies. We need someone to act on our behalf to help us, to make things right. Like the victim, we want to beg God to make things right (Psalm 35:24-25). Like the victim, we also desire people who are going to rejoice in our vindication (Psalm 35:27-28). Like the victim, we will take this opportunity for vindication by the ultimate Superhero as an opportunity for praise (Psalm 35:28).

Prayer: I will praise You for your vindication in my life. You have helped me to see that You are my Superhero.

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