At That Time…

At That Time… February 26, 2016

February 26, 2016 Year C

Daniel 12:1-4

We live in a world which is ever closer to the return of Jesus Christ. In Daniel 12:1-4, we have three events that will happen at His return. These three events are just snapshots of the entire series of events that will take place when Jesus returns until the end of time.

First, there comes a difficult time for the nation of Israel. Known elsewhere as the “Great Tribulation,” Israel will encounter the worst persecution they have ever seen – until the Archangel Michael steps in (Daniel 12:1). When he steps up, it will be a chance for the people of God to escape the world-wide persecution.

Second, there will be a resurrection and judgment (Daniel 12:2). In this judgment, there will be a “Great White Throne Judgment.” During this judgment, people who don’t know Jesus are judged for the works they did and for not being found in the “book of life.” Because they are not found in God’s list of those who are His children, these other people will be judged for eternity based upon their works. In this case, they will be sent to Hell.

Third, Christians will be judged (Daniel 12:3). In the “Judgment Seat of Christ,” the Christians will be resurrected and judged for their works they did as a Christian.

Fourth, between now and that time, the events of this prophecy will become clearer (Daniel 12:4). “Knowledge will increase” refers to the knowledge of this prophecy. As we get closer to the return of Jesus Christ, the events of that time which are prophesied in the Bible will become clearer to people who read the Bible.

Christians have been predicting the events that will lead up the end of the world for centuries. But many of these events won’t be realized until the very end. This is why the prophecies will be “sealed up until the end.”

As we get closer to that time, we need to be doing the work that Jesus told us to do. We need to be searching the Scriptures so that we can know the “signs of the times.” We need to watch and pray – looking forward to the day that Jesus returns.

Prayer: God, thank You for prophecy. Thank You that You have revealed in Your Word the events that will precede the return of Your Son Jesus.

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