Beam Me Up!

Beam Me Up! March 4, 2016

March 4, 2016

1 Kings 18:11-12

Do you remember the transporter from Star Trek? The crew would stand on a platform, and the engineer would “beam” them somewhere down on the planet or another ship. When they wanted to come back, they just called using their communicator and asked: “Beam me up!” Instantaneously, their body would change into a swirl of energy and reappear without defects on the transporter room platform.

This is something that can only happen in science fiction with us. Yet, God has the ability. His Holy Spirit is like that engineer who stands at a console ready to beam God’s servants wherever He needs them to be. In this case, Obadiah, who worked for King Ahab (1 Kings 18:3). noticed that Elijah was “beamed” over to him (1 Kings 18:7). Obadiah realized it was the work of the Holy Spirit. He feared that when the Holy Spirit “beamed” Elijah away, Obadiah would be in great danger. When the king found out that Obadiah was saving God’s prophets, Ahab would have Obadiah killed. Elijah encouraged Obadiah by stating that Elijah would stay and eventually meet Ahab (1 Kings 18:15). Elijah knew that the Spirit “beamed” him over to confront Ahab.

There are two instances when the Holy Spirit has “beamed” His servants away: Elijah and Philip (Acts 8:39). One may wonder, perhaps as Obadiah did, why won’t the Holy Spirit do this today? He will do this for all Christians during the rapture. At that time, God will call His children home as He is finally ready to deal with Israel and finish His restoring work. He will “beam” them up (or catch them up) as the Holy Spirit leaves the Earth (1 Thessalonians 4:17). God will use other supernatural ways to deal with His people. Yet the Holy Spirit will leave Earth and when He does, He will take God’s people – Christians – with Him.

Prayer: Thank You for Your supernatural ability to move Your people from place to place. I look forward to the day when You will say to us: “I’m going to beam you up!” Thank You for that promise.

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