She Nailed It

She Nailed It March 29, 2016

March 29, 2016 Year C

Judges 4:17-23

It’s been a bad day for Sisera. He has been defeated by the hand of God through an act of confusion(Judges 4:15-16).

Then he tries to hide from his enemies. Sisera seeks the help of a Kenite (Judges 4:17). She lures him (Judges 4:18), and offers him a drink (Judges 4:19).

The problem is that Sisera doesn’t know with whom he should trust. He knows whom he can’t trust. This is why he asks Jael to give a diversion when people come knocking (Judges 4:20).

Yet instead of protecting Sisera, Jael kills him (Judges 4:21-22). She drove a nail through his head. This act of courage caused the Canaanites to take notice (Judges 4:23). They would not be so quick to attack Israel.

The violence may be shocking. Yet the theme in this story is the courage which Jael has to help her people. She takes in an enemy and uses an opportunity to kil him. That act may seem reprehensible. Yet it was done to protect God’s people.

What can we learn from this strange and violent encounter? If you are like Sisera, you learn to be more cautious. You stop taking the risks that can get you killed. If you are Jael, you learned to use your courage for more positive pursuits. If you are Balak, you try to get Jael promoted to your administration.

Prayer: I pray for the courage like Jael. Help me be ready to do what is right when evil comes.

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