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My Help April 11, 2016

My Help

My Help

My Help is a simple thought Lectionary reflection from Psalm 121:1-8.

April 11, 2016 Year C

Psalm 121:1-8

My dad has a farm where he raises cattle. At various times he employs people to help him with the work. Just like many other farmers in the area, he hires “the help” to assist in doing the work. The farmer may not get all of the work done in time and so he needs help. Perhaps the job takes more than one person to accomplish. So the farmer hires the help to get things done.

In this psalm, the writer is reflecting on the fact that as he looks to the mountain, he wonders where his help will come from (Psalm 121:1). This “song of ascents” refers to the road that people would take that they go to worship in Jerusalem. So perhaps this writer (who probably was a farmer) goes to worship and he reflects on the fact that he needs help.

Unlike the farmer who needs help with work, this farmer psalmist needs protection. People who owned land and had animals needed protection. Here we see the characteristics of the “Great Helper” God:


1. He is the great helper because He knows where I am because He created the land I walk on. (Psalm 121:2)

When you hire help on the farm, they eventually get to know the land. They find the shortcuts. They look for the best ways to navigate the land to do the work. They discover and use the right tools to help them work the land and raise the animals under their care.

In the same way, God, the “Great Helper” already knows the lay of the land. He can help you because He knows every coordinate on this Earth.

2. He is the great helper because is always awake to protect me (Psalm 121:3-4).

Part of the job of the help is to protect the crop and the animals under their care. Whether they are chickens, horses, cattle, or sheep, the help needs to awake to watch over them. Sometimes, the help sleeps. They can’t be dependable all the time.

God, on the other hand, doesn’t need sleep. He is awake all of the time. That means as the “Great Helper” God can be there to protect you, no matter what kind of danger you may encounter.

3. He is the great helper because He is always close by (Psalm 121:5-6).

Sometimes the help is too far away. When you call out to him or her, it may take some time to reach them. The help goes home and comes back. The help is far away working on something else that needs help. The help can’t be at two places at once. Not so with God. As the “Great Helper,” He is there all the time – right by your side. All you have to do is call to Him. He will be there to shield you from harm.

4. He is the great helper because He will never harm you (Psalm 121:7).

The help never harms the farmer. The help should also do what is best for the farmer. It would be crazy for the help to put the farmer in danger. In the same way, God as the “Great Helper” will never harm you. God will protect you from harm from others. He will never inflict harm on people He has called to help.

5. He is the great helper because He will never quit on you (Psalm 121:8).

Sometimes on the farm, the help quits. S/he gets into a disagreement and doesn’t want to work anymore. Perhaps they get a higher paying job. They find a new employer. The help never stays forever.

Not so with God. As the “Great Helper,” God protects you in life and He provides for your eternal life. He is there with you now and forever. God never quits as your Help. Even in eternity, He is providing for you.

Prayer: God, my “Great Help” in time of need (which is more often these days). Thank You for how You protect me, provide help for me, and are there beside me today, tomorrow, and forever.

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